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Pond Pumps with Fountain Features

Single Daisy Spray Pattern

Whether you are an established pond owner or just starting in the hobby, you recognize that an essential element in pond features is a pump that promotes a healthy water environment, especially if you stock aquatic plants or live fish. A filtration pump will aerate your pond, filter debris, and the steady water circulation will also deter algae growth to help keep your water clean. Surface agitation also reduces the likelihood of mosquitos using the pond as a place to spawn.

If you do stock your pond, fish will undoubtedly be the main object of your viewing pleasure. Check with a reputable supplier such as LiveAquaria® for fish options that are good fits for your pond. Koi ponds and Goldfish ponds are popular choices among pond enthusiasts. You will also want to select a pump that is fish friendly.

When selecting your pump, there are options that have the added benefit of producing fountains to add to the beauty and your enjoyment of your inside or backyard pond. The sounds of cascading water can add a calming effect to your home relaxation environment. When shopping for a pump that offers fountain options, we turned to our industry resource, Syncrapond to learn more about some of the fountain spray patterns available for the home pond hobbyist.

If you do select a pond with fountain features, do not run the fountain over winter or when fish are in a hibernation state. When temperatures drop below 40°F, the pump should be removed from the pond and the filters cleaned before storing it for the next season. Do not leave the pump running on the bottom of the pond because it will lower the temperature of the entire pond by disrupting natural thermal layers of the pond water. Hyper-cooling pond water in this fashion places extreme stress on pond fish and severely reduces their ability to successfully over-winter. Learn how to ready your pond for winter by reading the LiveAquaria® article Winterizing in Fall.

Fountain Spray Patterns


There are a wide variety of fountain spray patterns available, so the home aquarist has many options to choose from when selecting one that fits their application. The following fountain patterns are popular choices.

Waterbell - Water is pushed outward as opposed to upward to achieve a pleasing, well-rounded apple shape all the way around.

Waterlily - When viewed from the side, the top surface of the water is flat with tendrils formed by water spilling over the fountainhead. This pattern resembles a water lily floating on the top of your pond and its tendrils underwater.

Single Daisy - When you think of a water fountain, the Single Daisy design is the most classic, easily recognizable two-tiered design. Water is shot upward and creates a fireworks-looking pattern as it falls back down. Additional interest is added by the center column that shoots higher than the others.

Double DaisyThis is an elevated multi-tiered Daisy design.

Foam Jet Spray Pattern

Large WaterbellThe Large Waterbell spray pattern replicates the standard Waterbell pattern but with more upward force so resulting spray creates a pattern resembling a bell.

Large WaterlilyThis spray pattern replicates the standard Waterlily shape but water sprays higher and wider. Multiple tendrils spill over the fountainhead from a flat top.

Small DaisyThis design exhibits a distinct separation of all three tiers capped by an impressive center water height that is taller than the others.

Super DaisyThe Super Daisy spray pattern is similar in design to the Small Daisy pattern, but water is strewn higher and wider resulting in a looser formation when water droplets fall.

PetuniaThe spray pattern for the Petunia is low to the ground where water is shot up and out creating a rounded, humped profile.

IrisWith the Iris spray pattern, water shoots up and out in three single streams of water that create a pleasing dripping pattern as it falls.

Foam JetWith the Foam Jet option, water shoots straight up and falls back on itself creating a foamy-looking focal point.

With such a wide variety of spray patterns, you are sure to find one or more that will mask outdoor noise, aerate the water for your fish, or just use it to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to your space. If located outside, fountains can also provide a cool place on a hot day for both people and wildlife, even if you only have a small area for your outdoor paradise.

Single Daisy Spray Pattern


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