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How to Set Up a Proper Goldfish Aquarium

Red Oranda and Red Cap Orandas in a Freshwater Aquarium.

Goldfish are wonderful first pets for children. Their brilliant color, along with extremely personable expression and behavior, capture the hearts of young aquarists and the young at heart.

Goldfish are the most popular home aquarium fish, but their proper care is not understood very well. Who has not heard stories about parents carefully replacing one goldfish after another and hiding the fact that their cherished "Goldie" is actually "Goldie No. 3?" While the intention may be well meant, this act perpetuates many myths and, ultimately, improper goldfish care.

Avoid Common Misconceptions
Goldfish are commonly kept in very small containers without filtration or heaters. This less-than-ideal living condition is the number one cause of goldfish loss. Goldfish develop at a rapid rate and quickly outgrow these containers. A goldfish that is a few inches long can get as large as 6 inches or even a foot, depending on the breed. Goldfish require lots of room and a 29-gallon aquarium is about right for one ornamental goldfish. If you want to keep more than one, you are going to need at least 10 additional gallons per adult fish. Due to their size, goldfish tend to produce more waste, which in turn affects water quality. Without proper filtration and regular water changes, visible and invisible waste materials build up to create a toxic environment. Combined with fluctuating water temperatures, it's no wonder most goldfish are replaced frequently and are considered difficult to keep.

Invest in Long Term Aquarium Success
Goldfish that are properly housed and cared-for are extremely long lived. A beautiful goldfish setup can provide many years of enjoyment and nurture values such as responsibility, compassion, and a lifetime love of pets. Invest in a proper goldfish aquarium setup for your child's future.

A proper setup should take into account the mature size of the goldfish and provide ample swimming room. Good filtration and a heater are a must to maintain stable water temperature as well as healthy and clean aquarium water. Other basic essentials include a thermometer, a test kit, and a water conditioner. We've compiled a list of essential aquarium equipment for a 29-gallon goldfish aquarium. All you need to supply is the aquarium, decorations, and the creativity to create a successful goldfish haven.

Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit Equipment for a Successful 29-gallon Goldfish Aquarium

Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit
Comprehensive kit boasts latest brand name components for set up ease AND aquarium success. Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit saves you time and money by eliminating the need for product research. All the work is done for you! Each kit employs industry-leading aquarium components carefully selected for compatible and reliable performance. The heart of this hobby-friendly aquarium kit is proven 3-stage BIO-Wheel filtration for aquarium water quality and a complete aquarium hood with energy-efficient LEDs for sleek, aquarium illumination.

Stress Coat® Plus API Stress Coat® Plus
Multipurpose water conditioner instantly removes chlorine and neutralizes heavy metals. Also replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress.

Coralife Digital Thermometer
Compact digital aquarium thermometer with easy-to-read LCD. Accurately displays aquarium water temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Hydor Theo Heater
Quality submersible heater with patented heating element and special shatterproof glass make it virtually unbreakable. Theo switches itself off if the heater is not fully submersed - avoiding overheating and damage.

Seachem Ammonia Alert Device Seachem Ammonia Alert Device
Innovative color-coded monitoring device for continuous detection of toxic ammonia.

Hikari Oranda Gold
Premium goldfish food with natural color enhancers. Great daily diet for your goldfish that also reduces fading color.

Ornamental or Fancy Goldfish Quick Stats:
Origin: Though originally from China, these beautiful fish gained international popularity. Now different varieties are bred world-wide.
Min Tank Size: 29 gallons
Care Level: Easy
Aquarium Conditions: 65-75°F; pH 6.5-7.5; KH 4-20
Max Fish Size: 6+" depending on variety
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Family: Cyprinidae

Can I keep different breeds of goldfish in the same aquarium?
Housing different breeds of goldfish is fine. However, it is best to separate goldfish with different swimming habits. Active goldfish such as Shubunkins or comets can stress slower swimming, fancy, ornamental, or vision-impaired varieties.

Coralife Digital Thermometer

Coralife Digital Thermometer

Hydor Theo Heater

Hydor Theo Heater

Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets

Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets


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