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Prevent Toxic Ammonia Buildup

Prevent Toxic Ammonia Buildup

While relatively easy to manage, toxic ammonia buildup remains the most common cause of fish loss. Sudden surges in ammonia levels often remain unnoticed until pond inhabitants show signs of distress. Refer to this simple checklist to avoid the invisible killer of koi and pond fish.

Instant Ammonia Remover

Monitor Ammonia Levels:
A pond test kit is essential for koi ponds or any pond with fish. Ammonia level in a healthy, properly stocked pond with efficient biological filtration is nearly undetectable.

Maintain Efficient Biological Filtration:
A stable, established biological filter with a thriving population of beneficial bacteria is essential for natural ammonia management. However, factors including the introduction of new fish, large water changes, medication use, or filter media replacement can compromise your biological filter resulting in a potential ammonia crisis.

Live Nitrifying Bacteria

Employ Bacterial Additives:
Help Mother Nature by boosting the population of beneficial bacteria that make up your biological filter. Our Live Nitrifying Bacteria replenish bacteria to levels capable of processing toxic ammonia effectively.

Maximize Oxygen Levels:
Aeration devices help provide a steady supply of fresh, oxygen-rich air essential for efficient biological filtration. Also, in the event of an ammonia spike, vigorous aeration provides oxygen to affected fish struggling to breathe.

Have an Ammonia Treatment on Hand:
Don’t be caught off guard. Keep a bottle of our Instant Ammonia Remover on hand to instantly neutralize an unexpected ammonia surge.


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