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Why you need Ammonia Removers & Tap Water Conditioners

Tap water can look crystal clean and clear, but often contains chemicals toxic to aquarium life. Learn how Ammonia Removers & Tap Water Conditioners protect fish from the toxic effects of chlorine and chloramines.

Effects of Chlorine and Chloramines

Drs. Foster & Smith Chlorine Neutralizer Chlorine can severely stress fish by attacking their gills, causing them to gasp and breathe heavily. At higher concentrations, chlorine kills. Chloramines, a chemical compound of chlorine and ammonia, add the toxicity of ammonia to the mix. Similar to chlorine, high levels of ammonia attacks the gills. Continued exposure affects their fins and skin, and eventually their entire system is under attack.

Chlorine and chloramines will not only harm aquarium fish but can also affect your entire aquarium system. These chemicals kill beneficial bacteria responsible for biological filtration. With the life-supporting nitrogen cycle compromised, serious water quality problems – including harmful ammonia spikes – can ensue.

3-in-1 Solution - Drs. Foster and Smith Instant Ammonia Remover

Drs. Foster & Smith Instant Ammonia Remover When used as directed, dechlorinators (chlorine removers) instantly remove chlorine. Some also include beneficial additives to stimulate slime coat production for additional protection from tap water pollutants. However, not all dechlorinators remove chloramines, nor do all chloramine removers detoxify ammonia. To ensure complete removal of toxic chlorine, chloramines, AND ammonia, use our triple action Instant Ammonia Remover. Great for use when introducing fish to newly established aquariums adding multiple fish in established aquariums, or with every water change, top off, and any time you need to make tap water safe for aquarium use!


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