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Aquarium Filtration Quick Guide

Selecting the right aquarium filter can be confusing due to the many available choices. Refer to this handy quick guide to learn the fundamentals of aquarium filters and the type of aquarium setup they are best suited for.

Beautiful, healthy aquariums begin with proper filtration. Refer to this handy Filtration Guide to ensure essential filtration no matter what type of aquarium setup you have or plan to set up.

Canister Filters
sometimes called External Filters, boast amazing filtering power with their namesake body, or "canister," capable of holding large amounts of water-cleaning filter media. Add your favorite media to customize these versatile workhorses. Great for mid-sized and larger freshwater or marine aquariums.
Power Filters
or Hang-On-Back Filters, are perennial favorites among hobbyists of all experience levels thanks to their extreme ease of use. Employing replaceable filter cartridges and media, power filters are also very simple to maintain. Great for small to mid-sized freshwater or marine aquariums.
Internal Filters
are designed for use inside your aquarium. These multipurpose filters are great primary filters or can be used to provide supplementary filtration depending on your setup. Great for smaller freshwater or marine aquariums and even quarantine aquariums.
Sump-Style Filters
provide the ultimate in customizable large-capacity filtration. Wet/Dry Sump Filters employ massive amounts of biological filter media for unrivaled biological filtration ideal for fish-only saltwater aquariums or large freshwater aquariums. Reef Sumps accommodate the sensitive nature of corals by incorporating mechanical filtration with bags or pads and excluding biological media to make room for protein skimmers and reactors. Great for large reef aquariums.
capitalize on a variety of biological processes to naturally filter aquarium pollutants. Typically housing live rock, macroalgae, and a wide variety of cryptic fauna and microorganisms, refugiums are mini ecosystems that supplement natural filtration as well as provide refuge to naturally cultivate live food items. Great for marine aquariums.
Protein Skimmers
or foam fractionators, generate a flurry of bubbles within their reaction chamber to remove organic waste products before they have a chance to break down and compromise water quality. Protein skimmers improve water quality and clarity as well as the performance of your existing filter. Great for all marine aquariums.

Feel confident selecting the right aquarium filter. We only offer quality, brand name filters backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your aquarium filter, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


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