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Restore balance with Bacterial Additives

Restore balance with bacterial additives

Beneficial nitrifying bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining water quality. Without a healthy population of these beneficial bacteria, aquariums can quickly experience an imbalance and organic pollutants can quickly reach toxic levels.

Discover why you need bacterial additives to maintain healthy aquarium water quality.

What is Beneficial Bacteria?
Bacteria may not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about aquarium water quality. However, beneficial nitrifying bacteria, your aquarium's natural "waste management" system, are the engine for biological filtration responsible for breaking down organic pollutants. Biological filtration converts nitrogenous pollutants such as toxic ammonia and nitrite into less harmful compounds and maintains them within an acceptable threshold. Aquariums with efficient biological filtration with healthy populations of beneficial nitrifying bacteria will have undetectable levels of ammonia and nitrite.

Imbalance compromises water quality
Natural metabolic processes and everyday activities including feeding fish continually introduce organic pollutants into the aquarium. When the amount of these pollutants exceeds the rate at which biological filtration can process it, then an imbalance occurs and pollutants build up to harmful levels. The most common imbalance experienced by hobbyists involves a sudden surge or spike in ammonia levels. Commonly referred to as an "ammonia spike," this imbalance often results from heavy stocking, overfeeding, or insufficient biological filtration.

Restore balance
Just as "good" bacteria in yogurt restores digestive balance, routine dosage of bacterial additives restores and maintains aquarium balance. Use bacterial additives such as our Live Nitrifying Bacteria in established aquariums after introducing new fish, water changes, using medications, or replacing filter media to maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria essential for a healthy aquarium system.


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