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LED Lighting Tips

LED Lighting

Thanks to dramatic energy savings, long life, and amazing color and shimmer possibilities, LED (light emitting diode) aquarium lighting continues to grow in popularity. Thinking of adding LEDs to your aquarium setup? These tips and guidelines can help ensure success from the start.

Choose the color spectrum that will best suit your aquarium type – freshwater, saltwater, reef, or planted. LEDs are designed with varying intensities, color hues, and color temperatures to enhance and nourish specific inhabitants.

Use LEDs designed to grow corals. Our experts at our Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility have used LED lighting over our coral tanks with amazing results. LEDs also highlight coral colors like never before. Just take time to slowly acclimate your corals to new LED lighting, to ensure their continued health and growth. Learn more about acclimating corals to your aquarium's lighting system.

Employ dimmers to adjust brightness and blend colors. Dimming LEDs will also extend their life and further save on energy.

Ventilate LEDs and heat sinks to maximize LED chip lifespan. Although LEDs don't transfer heat into the aquarium, they do generate heat upward. Provide adequate air circulation and room for heat dissipation around the LED fixture. Use a cooling fan in a canopy or all-in-one hood.

Keep LEDs dry. Unless you’re using a submersible fixture, do not expose LEDs to water. Keeping LEDs dry prevents damage to the LED circuit board as well as corrosion on the heat sink and hardware.

Keep LEDs clean. Salt and mineral deposits cause corrosion, damage to the heat sink and LEDs, and premature failure.

Locate LEDs away from metal halides, compact fluorescents, and T5 HO fixtures. Mounting LEDs too close to other forms of lighting that run hot (especially metal halides) can dramatically decrease their lifespan.

Whether your existing aquarium could use brightening, or you're exploring lighting options for a new setup, LED lighting will bring new brilliance, beauty, and affordability to your aquatic endeavors.


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