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Employ the Drip Method to Reduce Aquarium Acclimation Stress

Drip Acclimation
Proper acclimation is the key to successful introduction of new aquarium arrivals. The floating method is undoubtedly the most widely practiced method among hobbyists. However, a more exact method of acclimation is required for fish, corals or invertebrates sensitive to sudden changes in water chemistry. Learn how to successfully introduce sensitive aquarium species through two easy methods of drip acclimation.

Adjusting water parameters

LiveAquaria Drip Acclimation Kit
LiveAquaria® Drip Acclimation Kit

Acclimation is the gradual process of conditioning new arrivals. The goal of acclimation is to adjust water parameters from a new source to those found in your aquarium. During this initial adjustment stage, new arrivals are slowly exposed to new aquarium water parameters. Water chemistry is gradually altered by introducing aquarium water into the container housing new arrivals at a controlled rate. The acclimation process is complete when equilibrium is reached (where the temporary container housing new arrivals shares the same water chemistry as your aquarium) and your new arrival appears adjusted to these conditions. Since different species have varying levels of tolerance, different methodologies are required to control the rate of change experienced during the acclimation process. If the floating method of acclimation (where aquarium water is added to the floating bag in 1/2 cup increments) is considered a broad approach, then the drip method of acclimation is the precise approach.

What is drip acclimation?
As the name implies the drip method of acclimation, or drip acclimation, introduces aquarium water at a controlled rate of mere droplets per second. This precision control greatly minimizes stress on new arrivals. Drip acclimation generally involves a siphon device and a method of regulating aquarium water entering the container housing new arrivals. Aquarium water is introduced at a rate of about 2-4 drips per second. Until the recent past, drip acclimation devices were handmade and employed mostly by experienced reef aquarium hobbyists. However, this "advanced" technique of acclimation can be enjoyed by hobbyist of all levels thanks to the availability of convenient, commercial drip acclimation devices.

LiveAquaria® Drip Acclimation Kit
This easy-to-use drip acclimation system is an incredible deal. Our Fish Acclimation Kit is a definite must-have item with a high return on investment. For just a few dollars you can help enhance the survival rate of valuable new aquarium arrivals. Adjustable drip acclimation system gradually equalizes water parameters to minimize stress and shock. Simply hook rigid U-tube onto aquarium rim and start siphon. Regulate the volume of water entering the acclimation container with convenient plastic flow control valve.


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