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Can I add to my order after I have already finalized it?

Once you click the Finalize Order button, you will be authorizing LiveAquaria to charge your credit card or other payment type. You will be unable to make further changes to your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

When is a specific fish coming in?

The availability of species is affected by many factors. If a species you are interested in is currently unavailable, sign up for an In-Stock Alert. You will then be notified by email when the species is available. You can also sign up for the Diver's Den Email Alert to see what WYSIWYG animals are added.

How can I tell if my order ships from Wisconsin or another facility?

For your convenience, each product page includes “Ships from” information located below the Add to Cart Button. Items from the same shipping location are shipped together and given a unique order number to distinguish them from items shipped from another location.

  • Fish, Coral, Invertebrate, Algae, & Prebuilt Reef Cleaner Package orders ship from California
  • Diver's Den/Coral Farm orders ship from Wisconsin & California
  • Reef Rock Orders ship from California
  • Freshwater & Pond Plant orders ship from California
  • Frozen Food orders Ship from California & Wisconsin
  • Aquarium Supply orders ship from California & Wisconsin
Why did I get 2 different shipping charges when I ordered something from the Diver's Den and another fish from LiveAquaria?

Aquatic life and aquarium supplies offered at LiveAquaria are divided into nine different shipping categories, each with distinct shipping origin, policy, and rate. Order totals are subtotaled separately according to shipping category and all applicable shipping rates are reflected during checkout. The nine shipping categories are as follows:

  1. Fish/Corals/Inverts/Algae/Saltwater Plants/Prebuilt Reef Cleaner Packages
  2. Diver's Den/Coral Farm
  3. ORA
  4. Build Your Own Reef Cleaner Packages
  5. Reef Rock
  6. Freshwater & Pond Plants
  7. Live Foods
  8. Frozen Foods
  9. Aquarium Supplies
Can I get a picture of my Diver's Den order?

Diver's Den's items are truly one-of-a-kind. All images are unique and once the specimen is sold, the image is removed from the site. Before checkout, please save images of purchased items for personal reference. Otherwise please Contact Us to request an image of your purchased Diver's Den item.

What specific gravity do you keep your livestock?

The California facility maintains a specific gravity of 1.018-1.020 for fish and 1.023-1.025 for corals and inverts at a water temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. At our LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility, the Coral System maintains a specific gravity of 1.025 at a water temperature of 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Marine Fish System maintains a specific gravity of 1.025 at a temperature of 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do you feed your fish at the LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, WI?

To ensure optimum health, we offer our fish a varied diet consisting of quality live, frozen, dry or fresh foods. For a detailed list, please refer to our LiveAquaria Diver's Den Fish Food Chart for convenient reference.

What sort of quarantine procedures are in place for Diver's Den marine fish housed at the LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, WI?

All marine fish at our LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility are quarantined and acclimated to captive conditions under strict protocols. Please refer to LiveAquaria Diver's Den Quarantine Procedure for Marine Fish for a detailed look at our extensive quarantine procedures.

What sort of quarantine procedures are in place for Diver's Den Sea Anemones housed at the LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, WI?

All sea anemones offered in our Diver's Den section of LiveAquaria receives the highest level of professional care and undergoes our extensive quarantine procedure. Please refer to Diver's Den Quarantine Procedures for Anemones for in-depth information.

What sort of quarantine procedures are in place at your other facilities?

We’ve partnered with the most experienced and responsible aquatic life suppliers with strict protocols for acclimation, holding, and husbandry. UV sterilizers are used in order to help eliminate free-floating bacteria and parasites.

In addition, industrial-grade protein skimmers employing ozone maintain the best possible water conditions. If our experts detect any issue with a fish's health, the fish is quarantined and treated in a separate room away from the main systems. A careful medication regimen is incorporated to treat the specific infections that affect different species.

Fish held and shipped from the California aquatic center are housed for varying lengths of time depending on origin, flight transit time, species (some take longer to adjust than others), behavior, and finally appearance. Fish that show any sign of damage or disease are transferred from acclimation into a dedicated treatment system so that antibiotics can be administered to combat their specific ailment. Once the fish are healed they are then transferred back onto the holding system. All fish are offered for sale ONLY when they are eating properly and exhibiting normal behavior.

Since LiveAquaria does such a great job quarantining, why should I quarantine my new arrivals?

Quarantining is an essential practice that should be employed by all aquarists. Similar to insurance, quarantining offers peace of mind by providing a means to prevent and treat illnesses without compromising the main aquarium system. Please refer to Quarantine Tanks: Manage Fish & Coral Health for more on this fundamental, aquarium-husbandry practice.

How do you determine if heat packs or ice packs are needed?

Each morning before any orders are packed, a designated person evaluates extended weather conditions for the day, night, and the following day of each state. After reevaluated by a second person, the weather information is then sent to our shipping facilities. Based on the specific weather information, packages will include ice packs, heat packs, or nothing.

Why sign up for Diver's Den email alert?

The Diver's Den email alert is a real-time notification service. Since "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" Diver's Den aquatic life rarely stays in stock long, the best way to get a head start is to subscribe to the Diver's Den email alert service. When we post new items to the Diver's Den each day, we'll send you an email alert, so you can be first in line. Sign up today and be one of the first to know when we add new, one-of-a-kind aquatic life to our Diver's Den WYSIWYG Store!

I have a gift certificate can I use it on aquarium supplies (hard goods) and aquatic life?

Yes. Both our Gift Certificate and online e-Gift Certificate can be redeemed on aquarium supply as well as aquatic life orders. LiveAquaria Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for aquarium owners!


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