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Sioux Lily

Pond Plant Profile: Sioux Lily

With their colorful floating blooms and ease of care, water lilies make a beautiful addition to any sized pond and are a favorite among pond owners. The Sioux Lily (of the genus Nymphaea) is considered a hardy water lily, which means that it can withstand the cooler temperatures of the lower numbered zones (Zones 4 -11). The plants grow horizontally across whatever potting container they are placed into.

The Sioux Lily is an excellent bloomer and the flowers stay open very late into the day. The Sioux Lily's flowers form a star-shaped bloom that changes from chrome yellow to deep orange to copper red. The blooms are raised just out of the water.

The Sioux Lily should be planted in a two-gallon or larger container. When first setting up the lilies, the plant should be submerged to a depth of six inches. As the lily grows, it can be lowered to its ideal depth of 12-18 inches.

Interesting Facts:
Origin: North America.
Size: Plant spreads 6-12 feet, blooms measure 5"-6" and leaves measure 8"-9".
Climate Preference: Zones 4-11. They should be planted in early spring, but not before the water temperature has reached 45 degrees.
Sunlight: The more sun Sioux Lilies get, the more they will bloom.
Depth: 12 to 18"
Lifespan: This beautiful perennial will grow for many years if you repot every three years. If your Sioux Lily stops blooming, that is usually an indication that it is overcrowded. At this time you need to divide and repot. Each bloom lasts three to five days.
Care Level: Easy care once the first potting is done.
Form you will receive: Sioux Lilies are delivered as bare roots. Plant with the growing point (the crown) at soil level but exposed to the water. The shoots should be growing upright. Sometimes they are going in all different directions and you must "encourage" them to grow at the surface of the soil.


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