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Strawberry Crab

Strawberry Crab
The Strawberry Crab, also known as the Red Boxing Crab, originates from the pristine waters of Hawaii. They are bright pink with many small white spots. Their front claws, which they use to feed, are blunt and flat on the inside of the hinge. This design makes it very easy for the crab to pick algae from the rocks.

Strawberry Crabs thrive in invertebrate-friendly saltwater aquariums with live rock. They are peaceful, personable, and will generally get along with other invertebrates or fish. Plus, as omnivores, they not only control unwanted algae growth, but will also feed upon uneaten food. If you're looking for a fun, interesting addition to a new or existing cleaning crew, the Strawberry Crab is an ideal choice.

Interesting Facts:
Family: Xanthidae
Scientific Name: Liomera sp.
Location: These interesting crabs are native to the pristine waters of Hawaii.
Diet: The Strawberry Crab is an omnivore. He will consume unwanted algae as well as feed upon uneaten food. In the home aquarium, if insufficient algae are present, the diet should be supplemented with both herbivorous and meaty foods.
Size and Color: Strawberry Crabs can obtain a size of 2 inches in the home aquarium. They are bright pink with whites spots.
Special Characteristics:
  • Front claws are specially designed to pick algae off rocks
  • Colorful & unique
  • Great for cleaning uneaten food in the home aquarium


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