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Freshwater Aquariums: How to Set Up

FW Aquariums Easy to Set Up
Is it beneficial to have an aquarium at home?

Adding an aquarium to your home is the perfect way to bring beautiful color and life to your surroundings. Observing and interacting with your aquatic pets can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress of everyday life.

How do you get started on a freshwater aquarium?

If you would like to add a freshwater aquarium to your home, but aren't sure how to get started, the following component list and step-by-step guide will help you on your way to creating a beautiful attraction like the 55-gallon aquarium setup pictured here. As you will see, adding an aquarium to your home is easy to do and well worth the years of enjoyment you will experience.

What do you need to start off your freshwater aquarium?
Step One: Set up aquarium and stand

Place aquarium out of direct sunlight, allowing at least 5" clearance for the filter.

  1. Allow 5" between the wall and the aquarium to accommodate the filter, and ensure the stand is level. Be certain this is a good location for the aquarium, as you will have to completely disassemble the system if you want to move it later.
Step Two: Add gravel and water

Use a plate when adding water to prevent gravel displacement.

  1. Rinse the gravel in clean water and add it to the aquarium, sloping it up towards the back.
  2. Place a clean plate on top of gravel and start to fill the aquarium with water. If your tap water contains chlorine, add a Chlorine Neutralizer.
Step Three: Install filter and heater

Install equipment, but do not plug anything in yet.

  1. ssemble and hang the power filter on back of aquarium.
  2. Attach the thermometer in a place that is easy for you to monitor.
  3. Assemble and install the heater under water level, near input to filter.
Step Four: Decorate

Add decorations but leave plenty of swimming room for fish.

  1. Rinse all the plants with clear water.
  2. Place all the background plants, arrange the driftwood, add accent, and foreground plants, along with a few special
  3. stones.
  4. Fill aquarium with filter and water.
  5. Plug in filter and heater.
  6. Wait 24 hours for water temperature to stabilize before adding fish.
Step Five: Add Fish!

Add about 10" of fish initially to establish the nitrogen cycle.

  1. After properly acclimating fish, release them into the aquarium (without adding the water they were shipped in).
  2. Add on the light and canopy.
  3. Wait four weeks and test for ammonia and nitrite. When the levels return to zero, you can begin adding the rest of your fish a few at a time (up to 55 inches total). Or, use a Live Nitrifying Bacteria to quickly establish biological filtration and cycle your aquarium.
What are the best fish for a freshwater aquarium?

In general, a 55-gallon aquarium can house up to 55" of fish (adult sizes). We recommend the following:

  1. 3-6 Bottom Dwellers
  2. 3-5 Otocinclus Catfish (algae eaters)
  3. Other peaceful community fish include: Danios, Rainbows, Tetras, Barbs, Rasboras, Angels, etc.


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