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Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Corals

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Corals

Detailed, realistic polyurethane coralscontinue to increase in popularity. They offer a complete alternative to live corals (or fast enhancement) to turn any aquarium into a beautiful, colorful reef display. With artificial corals, you can create the reef aquarium you've always dreamed of in a fraction of the time and effort necessary to set up and cultivate the real thing.

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Corals Cast from popular species such as Acropora florida, Acropora humilis, Heliopora coerula, and Tubipora musica, artificial corals provide:

  1. Immediate enhancement - simply rinse, place in the desired location, and secure with a dab of underwater epoxy (if necessary).

  2. Very little maintenance - just clean artificial corals with a soft brush when needed.

  3. An effective remedy to gaps in your evolving reef aquarium - whether due to budget constraints or slow coral growth.

  4. Colorful, durable decor which is not affected by water current, lighting, or the aggressiveness of your aquarium inhabitants.

  5. Plus, you'll never have to feed them or worry about their interaction with other aquarium inhabitants.


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