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Fish Need Vitamins, too!

Fish need vitamins for health just like any animal. An improper or incomplete diet can result in nutrient and vitamin deficiencies and the onset of serious conditions such as stunted or improper growth, a weakened immune system, or death. Vitamin supplements, along with a varied diet, are an ideal way to fill in nutritional gaps.

Vitamins your fish need:

  • Vitamin A - from greens and crustaceans. Essential for normal growth and development as well as for proper formation of bones and scales.
  • Vitamin B-Complex - from greens, eggs, and fish. Offers a variety of health benefits including proper growth, function of the nervous system, digestion of protein, and protection of the slime coat.
  • Vitamin C - from greens, algae, and fish eggs. Plays an essential role in disease prevention, healing, digestion, as well as proper formation of the skeleton.
  • Vitamin D - from snails, shrimps, and earthworms. Necessary for calcium and phosphorus metabolization, which aids in normal development of bones and scales.
  • Vitamin K - from water fleas, greens, and liver. Aids in blood coagulation.

This concentrated vitamin solution contains over 30 naturally-occurring extracts bonded with amino acids for faster results and maximum benefits.

If you are not sure whether your fish are getting the proper nutrition, take out the guesswork by soaking foods in vitamin supplements to ensure your fish receive all the nutrients necessary for good health.


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