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Proper Fish Diet: Don't Forget Your Vegetables

Proper Diet for Plant-eating Aquarium Fish
With the wide variety of high-quality prepared food items now available, it is easier to provide a proper diet for your aquarium inhabitants. However, unless you provide the correct diet for your species, the quality of the food will not matter and your fish will experience the effects of nutritional deficiencies, such as weight loss, weakened immune system, and a greater susceptibility to illnesses.

Though all fish and invertebrates benefit from some vegetable matter as part of their diet, herbivores or plant-eaters require vegetable matter to thrive. Oftentimes, the algae growing on the side of your aquarium is not enough and their diet needs to be supplemented. Vegetable foods such as seaweed and spirulina algae provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, vegetable proteins, and amino acids for proper growth and a healthy immune system.

Prepared vegetable food is available in flake, pellet, tablet, wafer, sheet, and liquid forms. These variations target the specific feeding habits of different fish and invertebrates.

  Flakes and pellet foods - Excellent for surface and mid-water feeders. Herbivore Foods
Tablets and wafers - Designed to sink for bottom feeders and scavengers.
Seaweed sheets - Secured with a feeding clip, mimics natural feeding conditions for grazers and pickers.
Liquid foods - Primarily for filter-feeding invertebrates such as corals, clams, and feather dusters.
With a varied diet including vegetable foods that meets the particular feeding habits of your fish or invertebrates, your aquarium inhabitants will demonstrate a new and long-lasting vitality.


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