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Introduction to Lotus Selection & Care

Introduction to Lotus Selection & Care Introduction to Lotus Selection & Care
Although tropical in appearance, Lotus plants are hardy perennials. There are two recognizable species of the genus Nelumbo: Nelumbo lutea, native to the United States, and Nelumbo nucifera, native to the Orient.
Lotus plants do well in geographical areas where there is enough summer heat to bring them into flower. Temperature extremes (outside the appropriate range) will result in wilted blooms or no blooms. They are a sun loving plant, so plant them in full exposure. If they do not receive enough hours of direct sunlight (a minimum of 6), they may not bloom.

Lotus are day-bloomers, meaning the flowers open in the early morning and begin to close by mid-afternoon. They will do this for three consecutive days. Some lotus are "changeable"; their colors will gradually change over the three-day period. They bloom later in the growing season than lilies; even their leaves appear later in the spring. Lotus plants are shipped as tubers.

Please click here for Lotus potting procedures.


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