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Upgrading to a Canister Filter

Upgrading to a Canister Filter

Quiet and easy-to-use canister filters are inconspicuously located under your aquarium to provide powerful filtration without detracting from the beauty of your aquarium. Canister filters are well suited for larger or heavily stocked aquariums and are capable of holding large amounts of filter media.

These extremely versatile filters are customizable and hold large amounts of mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media in varying combinations to provide superior filtration. The result is maximum flexibility to create a unique filtration system suited to address your particular needs. For example:

  • If your fish produce excessive amounts of waste, incorporate a larger amount of mechanical media. Mechanical filter pads of varying coarseness effectively remove particles from the water. Better yet, consider using a fine micron filter pad to "polish" aquarium water to crystal clear perfection.
  • If your fish require prestine water conditions with stable, consistent parameters, use larger amounts of chemical media. Activated carbon and resins are excellent for removing various pollutants including dissolved organic compounds that degrade water quality. Specific pollutants can also be removed to ensure success for sensitive fish and invertebrates.
  • If you have a heavily stocked aquarium or very large fish that produce a greater amount of metabolic waste, use biological media as your predominant media. Ceramic rings, sponges, and other biological media allow efficient biological filtration to effectively process ammonia into less harmful components.

When using any fine chemical filter media, make sure to place it in a media bag to prevent potential filter impeller damage.

Add on to your canister filter to improve water quality
Not only do canister filters provide superior filtration, they can easily be upgraded. Additional auxiliary equipment such as BIO-Wheels, UV clarifiers, or even water chillers can be plumbed in-line (on the return line) to create a comprehensive aquarium filtration system.

UV Sterilizer
A UV sterilizer can help keep your aquarium healthy by targeting free-floating bacteria, algae, and parasites. Simply connect the outlet tube (return line) of the filter into the inlet side of the UV. Then run tubing from the outlet side of the UV back to the aquarium. NOTE: Make sure to choose a UV sterilizer model large enough to handle the flow rate coming from your filter.

Water Chiller/Heater
If you need to control your aquarium temperature, especially during the hot months of the summer, you can easily incorporate an in-line water chiller to your canister filter. Simply place the heater/chiller in the stand under the aquarium and plumb the unit to the filter. It is as simple as that. NOTE: Be sure to provide ample ventilation to ensure optimum chiller performance.

Proving to be one of the most versatile and easy-to-use types of filtration, canister filters offer the ability of incorporating extra equipment without the use of power heads or pumps, which can detract from the overall appearance of your aquarium. These multipurpose filters are ideal for African and South American Cichlid aquariums, saltwater aquariums, as well as freshwater planted aquariums.


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