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Factors Affecting Availability of Aquatic Life

Factors Affecting Availability of Aquatic Life

You've spent a considerable amount of time researching and studying compatibility between your current aquarium inhabitants and potential new additions. Excitement builds as you narrow down your selection and get progressively closer to the perfect match. You’ve determined successful compatibility and are now ready to order!

“Temporarily out of stock” is probably the last challenge you’d want to encounter, but it is a definite possibility when it comes to aquatic life. While it may not ease your disappointment, perhaps knowing why a particular specimen is temporarily unavailable might help you at least understand the nature of the situation a little better.

Here are a few factors that affect aquatic life availability:

Weather & Seasonal Conditions - Typhoons, hurricanes, and even major thunderstorms hamper the efforts of collectors. Depending on the severity of the storm, diving boats may not be able to leave the dock, have access to desirable locations on the reef, or experience the visibility or water clarity necessary for collection.

Collection Success Rate - Simply put, some collection efforts are productive while others are not. If you have ever been fishing, you know despite your best effort, you don't always catch what you want or how many you want - the endeavor is by and large unpredictable. Similarly, a series of fortuitous or unforeseen events can either favor or hamper the success rate of aquatic life collectors.

Religious Holidays – Holidays, including the month-long Muslim holiday of Ramadan or Christmas for example, can influence the availability and supply of certain species. Temporary reduction or cessation of activities including aquatic life collection and shipment can occur during these periods. As a result, availability of some species may be affected for up to two months.

Politics and World Affairs - The import and export of aquatic life is heavily influenced by a variety of political activities, both national and international, ranging from legislation to more volatile conditions such as political instability. Aquatic life originating from regions of civil unrest, upheaval, or war may not be available for an indeterminate period of time.

Fish/Coral Management Protocols - Natural resource management practices designed to ensure the perpetuation of all aquatic species will often restrict or limit collection of certain species to prevent fluctuations in population. Additional restrictions may apply during unexpected events. For example, a disease outbreak that reduces natural populations, unusually high predation by other fish, or particularly violent storms that damage large reefs may motivate governmental agencies to temporarily restrict or even curtail collection efforts in certain areas for the long-term health and viability of the population.

Supply and demand - Another major factor influencing availability of aquatic life is fundamental marketplace dynamics. For example, the demand for aquatic life is greater during the cooler months when many hobbyists spend more time indoors and invest more time in their aquariums. Subsequently, the supply of certain aquatic life species is also at its lowest during the winter months. When high demand meets low supply, it can often result in shortages or periods where specimens in high demand are simply not available.

Transport Logistics – Certain aquatic life are collected in remote areas or small island nations. Cargo space on flights departing these regions is very limited, and unfortunately, live fish take a low priority on the manifest. Therefore, shipments are frequently cancelled and rescheduled for later flights – sometimes weeks in the future!

Extended Quarantine Period - LiveAquaria® strives to set the highest standard in the industry regarding the health of all aquatic life. We will never compromise the health and wellbeing of any aquatic life “just to make a sale.” If we are conditioning aquatic life and feel it is not in premium health, we simply will not make it available for purchase, even if a competitor may have it available.

Check LiveAquaria® frequently as we regularly update our inventory. Specimens are made available daily as they successfully pass our thorough health examination and we deem them healthy enough for sale. Feel confident knowing what we have available for sale will be at its optimum health and most vibrant coloration!


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