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Graceful Gouramis

Yellow Honey Dwarf Gourami Dwarf Gouramis are freshwater fish belonging to the family Belontidae and are referred to as anabantoids or labyrinth fish. Gouramis have the amazing ability to gulp air from the surface of the water. These fish possess a unique labyrinth organ behind the head that allows them to extract oxygen from the air, supplementing oxygen attained through their gills. This makes them a little more hardy for beginners.

Gouramis are normally categorized into Dwarf Species and Larger Species. Dwarf Gouramis are native to India, Burma, and Borneo and have been selectively bred to achieve incredible color forms. Dwarf Gouramis are available in yellows, reds, and blues, making them a colorful and diverse addition to almost any aquarium but they are happiest surrounded by live plants.

Most females of this species do not achieve the bright colors. A gourami's passive nature allows it to get along with most any community fish. They can be timid and may hide a lot, prefering an aquarium placed in a quiet area and the company of other gouramis (best to have more females than males). They can be jumpers so an aquarium cover is recommended. Dwarf Gouramis are unusually susceptible to parasites, so a quarantine period of 3 weeks while being treated for internal parasites is recommended. This will provide you with stronger and healthier fish in the long run as gouramis can live up to 4 years. They are busy-bodies and are always curious, making them an active member of the community.

Interesting Facts:
Origin: India, Burma, and Borneo.
Size: Up to 2"
Diet: Omnivorous.
Tank Setup: Freshwater. Heavily planted, with part of the surface covered with floating plants.
Tank Conditions: 72-82°F; pH 6.0-7.5; dKH 4-10
Min. Tank Capacity: 10 gallons
Temperament: Peaceful.
Swimming Level: Gourami should always have access to the surface of the aquarium since they have the ability to breathe directly from the air.
Care Level: Moderate.
Reproduction: Egg layers; bubblenest builder.


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