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Should You Consider a Cleanup Crew?

Tank cleaner packages for marine aquariums offer a natural solution to the most common reef problems, like aggressive algae growth, excess detritus, and anaerobic sand bed compaction.'s expert staff has developed three lines of "Cleaner Packages" designed to tackle these conditions. Cleaner Packages are safe and effective alternatives to harsh chemicals or aggressive cleaning that may further disrupt the delicate ecosystem of your marine aquarium.

Hermit Crab
Is Your System Out of Balance?
Aquariums are closed systems where concentrations of imported chemicals and nutrients steadily accumulate over time. When these materials are properly removed (exported) through regular water changes or biologically processed in an efficient manner, the aquarium is in balance. However, once the import of nutrients exceeds its rate of export, many undesirable aquarium conditions begin to manifest themselves in the form of aggressive algae growth or excess organic debris and detritus.

Increasing the biodiversity of your system with an appropriately-sized Tank Cleaner Pack is a natural way to simplify your regular maintenance regimen. Good aquarium husbandry practices such as regular water changes, proper filter maintenance, quality nutrition, and monitoring nitrate and phosphate levels will also keep these negative effects at bay.

Tank Cleaner Packages consist of reef-safe fauna that biologically process algae and organic waste material to efficiently and effectively "clean" marine aquariums. Algae Attack Packs control algae growth and help maintain crystal-clear water, while Detritus Attack Packs keep ammonia and nitrite levels in check by continually processing decaying matter present in marine aquariums. Or, build your own custom tank cleaner package!

Since no single species is capable of resolving all negative aquarium conditions, each Tank Cleaner Pack consists of multiple species carefully selected to help restore balance to your aquarium in a multi-pronged approach. The number of "cleaners" in each package is carefully calculated to provide maximum cleaning power for the corresponding aquarium size.

    Algae Attack Packs devour a variety of algae in your aquarium: Green film will be wiped away by algae-eating snails, hair algae mowed down by hermit crabs, and bubble algae kept under control by Emerald Mithrax Crabs. Members of these packs will also help minimize various microalgae, including cyanobacteria. The Ultimate Algae Attack Pack also features the Court Jester Goby or Black Sailfin Blenny, known for their voracious appetite for filamentous algae.

    The Detritus Attack Pack is a unique combination of exotic beauty and formidable offense against decaying organic materials. Fancy Serpent Sea Stars and Snails keep your sand bed sifted in their continuous search for detritus, keeping it aerated to maintain the vital biological processes found within the top layer of substrate.

Both Attack Packs are well suited for any marine aquarium, whether you are starting a new aquarium or supplementing an existing system. However, these beneficial invertebrates are only effective if your aquarium is invertebrate-friendly and free of copper-based medications.

Whether you choose to rely on an Algae Attack Pack or a Detritus Attack Pack, or even a combination of the two using our Build Your Own Packages, these interesting and beneficial organisms will help simplify aquarium maintenance while adding vital biodiversity.


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