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Home > Aquarium Supplies > Salt > Salt Mixes > Brightwell Aquatics™ NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria
Brightwell Aquatics™ NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria (LiveAquaria® Approved)
Brightwell Aquatics™ NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria

* Precision-formulated synthetic salt blend for all marine aquariums
* Create marine aquarium setup chemically-similar to natural seawater
* Provides aquarium inhabitants all major, minor and trace elements

Get to the source of successful marine aquariums with quality seawater. NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria is formulated to create marine environments chemically-similar to natural seawater. Extensive research resulted in a synthetic salt mix that provides all major elements, minor and trace elements in precise natural seawater ratios.

NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend is formulated so all marine organisms, not just fish or reef inhabitants, receive exactly what they need to thrive. NeoMarine does not contain enhanced concentrations of elements, only ingredients of superior grades at just the right ratio to duplicate filtered natural seawater from tropical reef waters. Contains no detectable ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, or organic substances at standard specific gravity. Dissolves completely to create crystal clear aquarium water. Not composed of seawater evaporate.

134 grams per 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of purified water yields a specific gravity of ~1.025 g/cm3, with a pH of ~8.30 and alkalinity of ~7.5 dKH.

Instructions and Guidelines
Do not mix in an aquarium containing live organisms. NeoMarine creates slight heat when mixed into water; therefore, do not handle dry NeoMarine with wet hands. NeoMarine may have a slight sulfurous odor when the container is first opened; this is a result of the use of anhydrous magnesium chloride and will dissipate.

Each 134.5 grams of NeoMarine added to sufficient purified water to create 1 US-gallon total saltwater will result in specific gravity of ~1.025 g/cm3. If not using an accurate scale to measure salt, in a clean mixing vessel dissolve approximately 4 oz., or half a cup, of NeoMarine per gallon of purified water and adjust specific gravity as needed by adding more salt or water to increase/decrease specific gravity, respectively. It is strongly recommended that water purified via reverse osmosis and/or deionization be used for seawater preparation. Allow the freshly-made seawater to mix thoroughly with a submersible pump. Always use an accurate hydrometer or (preferably) refractometer to determine the specific gravity of prepared seawater. Ensure that the water temperature matches that of the established aquarium (use a submersible heater if necessary). Allow water to mix, preferably while being aerated, until pH becomes completely stable, indicating that gas equilibrium has been achieved. It is strongly recommended that at least 24-hours of mixing be allowed to pass before adding the water to an established aquarium; this extra time enables gas formed during the salt dissolution to escape, further stabilizing alkalinity and pH. Note that water temperature and mixing rate will influence the speed with which the salt goes into solution. It is recommended that 10 - 20% of the total water volume in an aquarium system be replaced every 7 - 10 days; this helps maintain proper water chemistry and consequently benefits aquarium inhabitants.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Generates slight heat when added to water; do not handle NeoMarine with wet hands. Contact with dry product may cause skin and/or eye irritation. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with cool water and seek immediate medical attention.

Water changes in all marine aquaria should be made weekly to help maintain the natural seawater ionic ratios. The addition of supplements (which add elements that are affected by both biological and chemical interactions (non-conservative elements), as well as others that are not affected by these processes (conservative elements) and therefore accumulate with time unless removed with water changes), the depletion of various non-conservative elements, loss of salt to the external environment through water spraying, interaction of various elements with organic matter in the aquarium, and removal of elements via chemical filtration all alter the ionic ratio of the water. Weekly water changes of at least 5% of the total volume of water in the system will help counter these processes and provide a more stable environment for ornamental marine organisms. Note that if an aquarium is established with an inexpensive synthetic salt blend lacking adequate concentrations of non-conservative elements, additional money must be spent on supplements to correct the deficiencies before any animals are introduced to the system; these supplements may contain conservative elements that further alter the ionic ratio of the water. In light of these facts, it can be said that purchasing an inexpensive salt blend saves no money in the long run and does not encourage the health of livestock.

Switching from your present salt mix to NeoMarine:
Stability of water chemistry is one of the most important aspects of successfully maintaining a marine aquarium. Therefore, sudden changes in water chemistry, such as when making high-volume water changes with water that has different chemical characteristics (no matter how slight the differences are), can have significant negative impacts on the livestock; even if they appear to be healthy initially, they may very well be found in poor appearance or even deceased a few hours later. This is often the case when manufacturers alter their salt formulation (either by accident or design) without informing their customers; what would seem to be a routine water change with a salt that has been used for months or even years can result in disaster.

It is imperative when changing from your current brand or formula of salt to a new one that the transition be gradual. Manufacturer strongly recommends that the maximum water changed when switching to a new salt mix not exceed 5% of the total system volume (taking the water in sumps and displacement of water due to rock and bottom substrate into account) per 7-day period. This maintains relative stability in the water chemistry and has a much lower impact on aquarium inhabitants than does changing larger volumes. While it may take 5 - 6 months to completely switch over to a new formula (when doing a weekly 5% water change; water changes with less frequency will increase the time to complete transition accordingly), this should not be viewed as a nuisance, but rather as insurance that the livestock will make the transition smoothly and without illness or death. Considering the degree of care that goes into maintaining most marine aquaria, this method of careful transition is well worth the effort.

Product Notes:
· We cannot ship this product to Alaska.

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