An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry:
What is Doing

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

By Kevin Kohen, Director of
An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What is Doing An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What is Doing
Drs. Foster & Smith's is taking a multi-faceted approach in addressing and combating this dilemma. We provide and incorporate education, efficient distribution methods utilizing reputable importers, selections from regions with strict collection and shipping protocols, and captive-bred and aquacultured choices.

Education - We believe education and understanding species requirements is one of the keys to a successful aquarium. By offering extensive information for every species offered at, we make the process of planning and researching potential inhabitants informative and convenient. We also have a comprehensive library of articles on diverse aspects regarding aquarium ownership and husbandry, written by our expert aquatics staff and industry professionals to help hobbyists succeed. Furthermore, our link to our sister site is another invaluable resource for information.

Efficient Distribution Methods - We are able to offer healthier quality marine life by eliminating several steps in the normal chain of distribution, minimizing the number of times the fish change hands. Stress has been found to be the number one factor in lowering the immune system of fish, making them more susceptible to parasitic and bacterial infections. Every time a fish is caught, bagged, transported and then acclimated into a new environment, the fish is subjected to a considerable amount of stress. By cutting out several steps in the chain of distribution, we are able to minimize stress and offer superior fish, invertebrates and live corals. An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What is Doing

Our customers receive their orders directly from one of the best importers in the country. We have selected an importer that has strict protocols for acclimation, holding, and husbandry, while employing the most advanced filtration equipment and holding systems. After each species is carefully inspected, they are then selected and packed by an expert crew of well-trained professionals and shipped directly to your door. We are so confident in the quality of our fish; we are able to offer a full 14-day guarantee fish, corals, plants, and inverts, PLUS an extended 30-Day Guarantee for every Drs. Foster & Smith Certified Captive Grown Coral.

Selections from regions with strict protocols - Whenever there is a viable alternative, Drs. Foster & Smith offers fish from areas other than Indonesia or the Philippines. We are proud to offer the largest diversity of fish from areas such as Hawaii, Cook Islands, Christmas Island, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Melanesia, Australia, Coral Sea, East Africa, Red Sea, Costa Rica and many more locales. We feel strongly about focusing our efforts on fish from areas that employ sound collection, transport, and holding technique.

These regions not only employ sound collection practices and techniques, but exporters in these areas employ better handling and husbandry techniques. The vast majority of exporters from these regions have modern holding facilities with adequate filtration and chooses to employ sound and tested shipping protocols. Although fish from these areas are more expensive, we know they are the best possible fish for the hobbyist and enthusiast. We clearly list the country of origin for every species of fish available at to make selection more convenient. An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What is Doing

Captive-bred and Aquacultured choices - We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of captive-bred and aquacultured aquatic life. We seek out fish, corals and invertebrates from aquaculture facilities, breeders and hatcheries in the United States, Asia, and Europe to provide a viable alternative to wild caught fish to minimize the impact on our valuable natural resources. In addition, Drs. Foster & Smith is proud to have opened an aquacultured coral facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin where we propagate, raise, and inspect our aquacultured corals carefully before offering them to the public. By offering these choices to our customers, we encourage the aquarium industry to culture a larger variety of species and provide valuable research and information for the advancement of the hobby.

We encourage you to consider these aspects when selecting your marine life provider. Making contentious and informed decisions is up to each of us and it does not have to be a difficult one. Drs. Foster & Smith will continue to work hard at always seeking out the best possible aquatic life for our customers, while providing the most comprehensive amount of information in order to help everyone achieve their dream aquarium.

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Kevin Kohen

Kevin Kohen
Kevin Kohen is the Director of and designed the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility, and oversaw the installation of this state-of-the-art facility. Kevin oversees the operations of the facility and is actively involved in the husbandry and propagation of all of the aquatic life.