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Static Cling Backgrounds
Static Cling Backgrounds
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*Cling-to-glass aquarium backgrounds with high-definition images take your aquarium to new, vibrant destinations
*Aquarium backgrounds apply in minutes with no tape or gels needed
*Easily enhance aquariums up to 36" x 18" with smooth-on aquarium backgrounds you can change up anytime

Dramatically transform the look of your aquarium in just minutes! Easy-to-apply static cling aquarium backgrounds with high-definition graphics deliver impressive results with minimal effort. Static cling technology secures backgrounds directly onto your aquarium and removes easily leaving no messy tape marks or gel residue.

Static Cling Backgrounds enhance any aquarium or terrarium environment with visual depth, instantly giving a "fuller" look without taking up valuable aquarium space. Easily update the look of your aquarium anytime simply by peeling one background off and replacing it with another. Cut-to-fit backgrounds accommodate a variety of aquarium size.

Static Cling Backgrounds are available in five styles: Ocean, Tropical, Coral, Beach, and Classic Black.
Static Cling Backgrounds are available in two sizes: 24" x 12" and 36" x 18".

Please note: Style availability vary by size. Please refer to chart below to determine style and size availability.

Style 24" x 12" 36" x 18"
Ocean NA X
Tropical NA X
Coral NA X
Beach X NA
Classic Black X X

To install the background, you will need the following tools:
Burnishing Tool (e.g. credit card)
Spray Bottle (with room temperature water)


  1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface of the tank. Conventional glass cleaner may be used. However, it is very important not to spray the cleaner directly onto the tank. Always go to another room and spray the cleaner onto a paper towel and then use the towel to wipe down the outside of your aquarium or terrarium.
  2. Measure the area of the aquarium or terrarium you will be covering with the static cling background. Use a measuring tape or the numbered grid on the back of the background (count both the horizontal and vertical lines). Once you have determined the size, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the designated gridlines, making sure to capture the portion of the image you wish to display.
  3. Remove any obstructions, which might be blocking the tank surface (e.g. air pumps, thermometers) and spray a light mist of room temperature water onto the glass surface.
  4. Starting at one corner, gently peel the white backing from the static cling background. With the graphic side facing up, spray a light mist on the side that will be pressed against the glass.
  5. Align the top edge of the static cling background with the top edge of the tank using your hands to adhere at least the top two inches onto the glass without wrinkles.
  6. Mist the back of the static cling background and use your burnishing tool to slowly smooth out the static cling background.
  7. If needed, you can repeatedly pull back and reposition the background. The background will maintain its static cling ability.
  8. Once all the wrinkles and air bubbles have been removed, use a razor to remove any excess.
  9. Enjoy the new atmosphere you have just created.

When necessary, pull back the static cling background to remove the wrinkles. It is the best to start from the top center and push down and outwards, towards the sides, to work out all the wrinkles and air bubbles.

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