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Emperor Filter Replacement Parts & Accessories
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Emperor Filter Replacement Parts & Accessories
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Magnetic Impeller Assembly
Over time, natural wear of the impeller may reduce pump performance. Replace the impeller to ensure reliable performance. Replacement Magnetic Impeller Assemblies are available for Emperor Power Filter Models PF280B

Media Container
Media Containers for Emperor Power Filter Models PF280B, PF280BD, PF400B, and PF400BD. Emperor 400 utilizes 2 Media Containers.

Emperor filter cartridges not only provide superior mechanical and chemical filtration, they also combine with Emperor's Bio-Wheel Classic Wet/Dry Biological Filtration to provide truly balanced total filtration.

Mechanical Filtration - Traps suspended solid waste and dirt particles. Each Emperor cartridge has a huge 44-square-inch surface area polyfiber pad for primary mechanical filtration.

Chemical Filtration Absorbs many harmful pollutants that discolor aquarium water and cause foul odors. Each cartridge contains 2 oz. of Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon - the best available! Plus, you can choose to add up to 8 oz. of additional carbon or chemical filter media with your Emperor's Media Container.

The Emperor filter cartridge's patented ribbed back design evenly distributes carbon vertically for maximum water contact and the best possible clean. No bypass as with "filter bags."

If you rinse your filtration cartridges weekly, you can extend the life of both the cartridge and the carbon. However, remember to replace disposable cartridges at least once a month, or as soon as they become clogged and/or activated carbon is no longer effective. Pollutants and debris are completely removed from your aquarium only when you change the cartridge.

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