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Azoo Micro Temp Controller
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Azoo Micro Temp Controller

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* Easy-to-operate, budget-friendly aquarium heater controller
* Digital controller for aquarium heaters up to 800W max
* Monitor and regulate aquarium heater operation with ease

High-tech aquarium temperature controller boasts easy, one-button operation. Azoo Micro Temp Controller simplifies accurate temperature control for safe and reliable use. Displays current aquarium water temperature as it monitors and regulates heater operation up to 800 watts capacity. Set desired aquarium water temperature and the precision digital device employs a high-tech microprocessor to control heater operation. Maintains aquarium water temperature within ±1° Celsius of set water temperature.

Convenient safety features include indicator light for simple visual confirmation of operation, alarm when water temperature exceeds 35°C and automatic heater shut off. Included remote temperature probe provides data to the controller to ensure proper heater operation necessary for stable aquarium temperature.

The Azoo Micro Temp Controller measures 2-1/2" x 1" x 4-1/4" high. 29" probe sensor cord. Displays aquarium temperature in degrees Celsius only. Heater sold separately. Azoo Micro Temp Controller is not intended for submersible use. Only place the temperature probe in your aquarium.

Temperature Display Range: 20-34 Degrees Celsius (°C)
Temperature Set Range: 20-34°C
Accuracy: ±1°C
Max Load: Up to 800 Watt Capacity Installation

  1. Connect the Sensor Probe Cable and fully-submersible aquarium heater to the Azoo Micro Temp Controller.
  2. Mount the Sensor Probe and fully-submersible aquarium heater inside the aquarium making sure they are completely underwater.
  3. Use included Hook or double-sided tape to fix Micro Temp Controller in a suitable position.
  4. Plug the Micro Temp Controller into the power outlet.


  1. After the power is switched ON, the LED display will show the pre-set temperature at 26°C and flash eight times. The unit will then display the current water temperature of the aquarium.
  2. To set the temperature, press the "Arrow" key once to increase the temperature setting by 1°C (range between 20-34°C).
  3. Continue pressing the "Arrow" key until the desired temperature is displayed. The LED display will then flash eight times and return to show the current temperature of the aquarium.
  4. When the red LED is on, this indicates the current temperature is below the set temperature and heater is heating the water.
  5. When the red LED is off, this indicates the water temperature reached the set point and the power to the heater has been cutoff.
  6. If the water temperature exceeds 35°C, the unit will sound an alarm and stop heating.
  7. If the water temperature drops below 19°C, the display will flash but power will continue to be supplied to the heater.
  8. If the water temperature is exceptionally high (above 38°C) or drops below 10°C, a warning alarm will sound.
  9. Temperature Calibration: Press the "Arrow" key for approximately four seconds. The LED display will show the water temperature to one decimal place. Insert a small flat-tip screwdriver in the adjustment hole on the rear of the controller and adjust to the correct temperature shown on the display.
  10. After completing calibration, press the "Arrow" key once more to confirm and the LED display will return to normal status (no decimal point).


  • Place the heater in your aquarium where there is plenty of water circulation. The Sensor Probe should be located well away from the heater so that it can measure the correct aquarium water temperature.
  • If an alarm condition occurs, check the heater and Sensor Cables to ensure they are correctly connected and not damaged.
  • If the power cable or plug is damaged, the controller must not be used.
  • Make sure the plug for Micro Temp Controller and the heater are fully pushed into the outlet.
  • Make sure the Controller cannot fall into the aquarium or be splashed by water to avoid risk of a short circuit or electrical shock.

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