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DR Instruments Deluxe Fragging Kit - Without Glue
DR Instruments Deluxe Fragging Kit - Without Glue
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*20-piece coral fragging kit for convenient home coral propagation
*Precision coral-cutting tools for fragmenting hard and soft corals
*Essential tool for reef keepers who need to divide overgrown corals

Smartly priced coral propagation tool kit great for coral fraggers with mixed reef aquariums. DR Instruments Deluxe Fragging Kit - Without Glue, a 20-piece collection of quality instruments, simplifies the propagation of soft and hard corals. Precision cutting tools afford clean cuts to help minimize unwanted coral damage. Vinyl case with elastic placeholders neatly organizes and stores coral fragging instruments and rolls up for carry-and-go convenience.

Coral propagation glue sold separately.

Contents: (1) 7" Large Bone Shears
10-Pack Disposable Sterile Surgical Blades for Scalpel Handle
(1) Microdissection Scalpel
(1) 6" Specimen Dissecting Forceps
(1) Dissecting Scalpel with 1.5" blade
(1) Angular Probe and Seeker
(1) #3 Scalpel Handle
(1) 4.5" Microdissection Forceps
(1) 6.5" Operating Scissors
(1) 4.5" Bone Cutting Shears
(1) Roll Up Dissection Kit Vinyl Case

General Information
This fragging kit consists of the essential tools to frag the wide array of corals kept in a mixed reef tank. You will have the perfect tools to quickly and precisely frag SPS, LPS, and softies! For the larger SPS, we're including our 7" Heavy Duty Cutter. The blades are sharp and the leverage this tool offers is incredible. Place the blades approximately 1/3 into the SPS stem you'd like to frag, give it a quick twist/compression movement, and you'll have the perfect frag cut!

Fragging smaller SPS pieces or need to get in at an angle? No problem, we've included our curved 4.5" medium duty coral cutter for just that! This tool helps negotiate densely branched SPS and helps to make even more precise cuts.

Need to frag softies? Your kit includes a 6" Coral Cutting Scissors. These coral scissors makes quick and true cuts through Toadstools, Mushrooms, Leathers, and Zoanthid mat giving your new coral frag the quickest healing time possible. Also included are 10 General Scalpel blades with #3 Scalpel Handle to assist in scraping loose frags such as Zoanthids or Ricordia off of their rock.

A Microdissection scalpel is included as well to assist in those hard to reach places. It works great to help extract nuisance algae as well such as bubble algae.

When you've got your new frag and are ready to place it on that rock or glue it to that frag plug, you'll be using either the 6" Forceps or Microdissection Forceps to make placement a snap and keep that glue off your fingers!

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