Green Severum
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Green Severum (Heros serverus)

Quick Stats

Minimum Tank Size 55 gallons
Care Level Moderate
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Water Conditions 73-77° F, KH 4-5, pH 6.0-6.5
Max. Size 8"
Color Form Green, Tan
Diet Carnivore
Origin Amazon, Northern South America
Family Cichlidae
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The Green Severum, also known as the Banded Cichlid, is a color variation of Heros severus Severum. Severum have an iridescent sheen to their scales and off-white to green background color. Black spots travel along the lower body, starting behind the pectoral fin and a black band reaches across the caudal end of the body. The Green Severum is a trusting fish, and will often accept food directly from their owner's hand.

The Green Severum requires a 30 gallon or larger tank that is at least 40 inches long and 20 inches tall. The larger the tank the better. They prefer a lightly-planted tank with a soft bottom and a few rooted plants. Adding a few large rocks would be appropriate as long as there is still plenty of open room for swimming and the water is not affected. Severum can be aggressive when spawning, and for this reason should only be housed with other semi-aggressive fish.

Differentiating between the male and female is very difficult. Positive identification can only be made after close examination of the genital papillae. The males normally have pointed fins and reddish-brown spots and "worm-like" markings on their heads. Females usually have a dark patch on the dorsal fin. The Green Severum does not pair as readily as other South American Cichlids, and may take a bit longer. Providing the male with a choice of females will help. An open breeder, the female can lay as many as 1,000 eggs on rocks. The water should be mildly acidic, soft with a pH of 6.0-6.5 and a hardness of dH 5. The temperature should range from 77-82°F. The Green Severum carefully tends to its fry.

The Green Severum is a carnivore and will eat most prepared and frozen foods, including freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and ocean plankton, as well as flake food and Cichlid pellets.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/2" to 2"

Customer Testimonials

Debbie J Grand Rapids , MI

I have a male green/turquoise Severum and he started at about 2 inches long when I bought him and is now very large and very colorful. He actually changes color throughout the day. He is very friendly and loves attention! I get many comments on his beauty.
Austin S Andale , KS
This fish is incredible, it really does change color through-out the day. It will go with anything from goldfish, to tropical, and chiclids. It goes well with my other 25+ fish.
Dwight A Kernersville , NC
I have owned a Green Severum for about five months and the growth rate is incredible - he is already about 8". He is very peaceful with my other fish: two Clown Loaches, three Bala sharks, and one Rainbow shark. Truly a show fish.
Mel C Morgantown , WV
I started out with a small, nipped at severum in a 30 gallon tank, with semi-aggressive cichlids. However, because of the small size, I moved him to a 55 gallon community tank containing one bala shark, a pleco, parrot, three cherry barbs, and two each of the following: angel fish, cory catfish, and gouramies. He grew to the size of my fist in less than three months!! He is now hand fed and living in a 90 gallon tank with a morray eel, a tiretrack eel, a compressiceps, a pleco, a jack dempsy, a discus, a red tailed shark, a shovelnose catfish, a bichir, two red tailed botias, and 3 jewl cichlids. I tried to get him a companion, a gold severum, and they DID NOT get along at all. GREAT FISH TO HAVE!!!!
Alec S Providence , UT
I have a school of 5 Green Severums in my 135 gallon aquarium. They are great fish. They love earthworms, flakes, and pellets.
Josh B Rutherford College , NC
I have owned severums for almost 6 years now and i have to say they are 1 of my favorites. ive had every type of severum from green severums to red spotted gold severums. They are one of the best fish u can get they are tough as nails they can live through anything. they are not picky when its feeding time they will eat anything offered to them. they get along well with every fish ive put with them thats around the same sive as them. they are very fun to have, mine will follow me when i walk by the tank and they never get boring to watch.
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