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Dennerle Scaper's Starter Kit
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Dennerle Scaper's Starter Kit
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* 10-gallon aquarium kit for convenient set up of a freshwater planted aquarium
* Stylish Dennerle Scaper's Tank allows for creative planted aquarium landscapes
* Corner filter, 5W 6500K LED light, substrate, BioCO2 kit, and plant fertilizer included

Set up a stylish 10-gallon planted aquarium with greater convenience with the Dennerle Scaper's Starter Kit. This wonderful kit includes fundamental aquarium equipment and accessories so you can focus more on creative planted aquarium landscape designs rather than researching product compatibility and selection. The rimless Dennerle Scaper's tank is a stylish glass aquarium that provides the foundation for creating breathtaking underwater landscapes. Included 39gph Dennerle Corner Filter and 5W 6500K LED light fixture help ensure ideal water quality and lighting conditions for a healthy environment for your plants. The Dennerle Scaper's Soil, Dennerle Bio CO2 Kit, and Dennerle Carbo Elixier that comes with this thoughtful kit provide the important plant nutrients for necessary for lush plant growth.

Dennerle Scaper's Starter Kit Includes:

  • Dennerle Scaper's Tank - 10 US gallons 15.7" x 12.4" x 11" high
  • Dennerle Corner Filter 110V
  • Dennerle 5W 6500K LED Light
  • Dennerle Scaper's Soil 4L
  • Dennerle Carbo Elixier 500 ml
  • Dennerle BioCO2 Kit 5g -40g

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