Conspicuous Angel
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Conspicuous Angel
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Conspicuous Angel (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Moderate
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Color Form Black, Blue, Yellow
Diet Omnivore
Reef Compatible With Caution
Water Conditions 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.0-8.4, sg 1.021-1.025
Max. Size 10"
Origin New Caledonia
Family Pomacanthidae
Minimum Tank Size 180 gallons
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The Conspicuous Angel is also known as the Conspic Angel or Spectacled Angel. As an adult, it is blue-gray with a gold sheen. The face is bright yellow with very distinctive bright blue rings around the eyes.

It requires ample hiding places, room to swim, and an aquarium with live rock on which it can graze algae. It is not overly aggressive except towards other angels. It normally feeds on microalgae and sponges, and is moderately hardy in an aquarium if given special care. It is sensitive to high levels of copper based medications.

The Conspicuous Angel is extremely difficult to breed in an aquarium, and has no distinguishing characteristics to help differentiate males from females.

Approximate Purchase Size: Large: 5" to 6" XLarge: 6" to 7"

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Jesse Tenpenny Hopelawn , NJ
I love this fish. It's unbelievable!
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