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Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit
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Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit

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*Easy to install UV upgrade for Lifegard Uno, Duo, & Trio Pond Filters
*Enhance pond water quality with the cleansing power of UVC light
*Combat green pond water algae & free floating disease-causing pathogens

Upgrade your Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filter or Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filtration System Kit with the clarifying power of UVC light. Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit is a convenient UV add-on that enhances pond water quality by combating green pond water algae and free-floating disease-causing pathogens. Compact modular unit installs neatly inside the Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters and Filtration System Kits

Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit measures approximately 13" long x 6-1/2" wide with a 3" diameter UV Chamber. 20 ft cord.

UV Installation

UV is an OPTIONAL add-on feature for Uno, Duo and Trio Filters and Filter Kits. Adding UV helps control algae and disease in your system. Install the UV Bulb into the Ballast Connecter. Install the O-ring onto the Quartz Sleeve. The tapered end of the O-Ring slides onto the Quartz Sleeve first. Slide the Quartz Sleeve with the O-Ring onto the UV Bulb. The Quartz Sleeve should slide into the groove of the Clear View Cover. Slide the complete assembly into the filter base. Align the Guide Notch on the Filter Base with the Clear View Cover and push it all the way in. Lock the assembly in place with the UV Light Cover Nut. Make sure the Ballast is not exposed to moisture and the wiring is laid out safely. Connect the Ballast cable to power. You should see the Blue Glow of the UV Light. Note: In the event of any water contact with the electrical components the circuit breaker will trip.

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