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TetraPond Water Garden Pump
TetraPond Water Garden Pump
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* Magnetic drive pumps for versatile water garden applications
* Reliable pond pump performance at a budget-friendly price
* Use to drive pond filters, water fountains, waterfalls and more

Enjoy professional pump performance without a professional price tag. From the trusted name in pond keeping, Tetra Pond introduces the new Water Garden Pump for do-it-yourself home pond owners. Use this versatile, submersible pond pump to create dynamic water fountain displays and waterfalls, or to run a variety of pond filtration systems. Energy efficient magnetic drive technology means reliable and powerful operation without high energy costs. Built-in pump cage keeps out larger debris that can clog or damage the pump. Included adapter with barbed fitting allows easy connections to flexible tubing for convenient plumbing options.


  • Low energy use
  • Versatile enough for use with waterfalls, filters, or water fountains
  • Powerful, efficient magnetic drive technology
  • Completely submersible
  • Includes extra-large, clog-resistant filter screen
  • MPT x Barbed Fitting Adapter
  • Pump base with stabilizing feet
  • 12 ft (325 &550) and 16 ft (1000 & 1900) power cord with grounded plug

Model Dimensions Max gph Max Head Outlet Barb Fitting Watts
325 3" x 5" x 6" h 325 5 ft 3/4" FPT 3/4" 22
550 3-1/2" x 6" x 6-1/2" h 550 5 ft 3/4" FPT 1" 42
1000 4-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 7-1/2" h 1000 7 ft 1" FPT 1" 80
1900 6" x 8" x 9-1/2" h 1900 7 ft 1-1/4" FPT 1-1/4" 185


  • The TetraPond Water Garden Pumps are designed to be placed on the bottom of ponds. Never run the pump unless it is completely submerged under water.
  • No provision is made for the connection of a hose to pump intake.
  • Outer pump cage is provided to ensure the longest life and highest output.
  • If there is a notable reduction of flow, the screen should be cleaned.
Model Maximum Flow
325 325 gph @ 1 foot
290 gph @ 2 feet
250 gph @ 3 feet
150 gph @ 5 feet
550 550 gph @ 1 foot
525 gph @ 2 feet
475 gph @ 3 feet
270 gph @ 5 feet
1000 1,000 gph @ 1 foot
900 gph @ 3 feet
800 gph @ 5 feet
500 gph @ 7 feet
1900 1,900 gph @ 1 foot
1,750 gph @ 3 feet
1,550 gph @ 5 feet
1,150 gph @ 7 feet

Electrical Precautions
Always use a properly grounded outlet. Do not immerse plug in water. Do not reach into water to remove plug. Turn off circuit first. A "Drip Loop" should be provided. The "Drip Loop" is a loop in the cord, below the level of the receptacle or plug that prevents water from traveling along the cord. The national Electric Code requires that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) be installed in the branch circuit supplying fountain or pond equipment. This pump is intended to pump water only. It cannot be used to pump oils, solvents, or gasoline.

Warning: For your protection, always unplug the unit from its power source before installing or servicing. Should the unit appear to be not working, DO NOT reach, remove, or disassemble unit before you disconnect power.

Cleaning the Pump
Unplug the pump from electrical outlet. If pump cage is used, clear debris off pump cage. Look into impeller cover to see if impeller is clogged. Flush with fresh water. Tip: use garden hose nozzle. If still clogged, remove impeller cover, and carefully remove impeller assembly. Flush impeller and impeller cavity with water. Carefully reassemble pump, pump cage and pre-filters (if using).

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