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Laguna Planting Bags
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Laguna Planting Bags
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* Flexible planting bags for ponds and water gardens
* Ideal planter for narrow or odd-shaped planting areas of your water garden
* Mesh planting bags allow good water circulation for proper pond plant development

Say good-bye to backbreaking water gardening. Unlike non-porous planters that retain the full weight of water, these finely woven fabric planters allow excellent drainage. Lightweight and flexible pond planters allow convenient placement and retrieval of bog plants and water lilies. Finely woven fabric allows excellent water circulation for healthy plant growth.

Directions for Use

  • Add a layer of pond planting media of your choice to the bottom of the Laguna Plant Bag.
  • Place plant on top of the planting media.
  • Fill the Laguna Plant Bag with planting media (up to the crown of the plant).
  • Top-dress with a layer of decorative gravel or small stone.

Laguna Planting Bags can be used for almost all types of pond plants. They are made of flexible material and allow the placement of plants on narrow shelves or in small nooks. The finely woven fabric allows excellent water circulation for plant growth and resists rotting. Laguna Planting Bags are fully submersible and environmentally friendly.

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