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TetraPond Pond Block
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TetraPond Pond Block

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* Convenient use drop-in blocks control algae in ornamental fish ponds
* Extremely easy way to keep nuisance algae growth under control
* Clear cloudy water and remove algae from water features and fountains

Keep algae under control and pond water clear for just pennies a day! TetraPond Pond Block makes effective algae control as simple as tossing in a tablet/block once a month. Clears cloudy water and controls algae in ornamental fish ponds, water features and water fountains. Convenient algaecide block takes the guesswork out of measuring doses.

TetraPond Pond Block is not recommended for ponds or water gardens with live plants. One block treats up to 250 gallons for 30 days. Use only as directed. Available in 4-block package or 50 count jar.

Active Ingredients
Copper sulfate pentahydrate 1.02%
Diuron [3-(3,4 dichlorophynyl)-1, 1-dimethylurea 0.51%
Other Ingredients 98.47%

Directions for Use
Use one block for water volumes between 100 and 250 gallons. Initial dose may require one block for each 100 gallons. For regular maintenance, replace block when fully dissolved (usually after 30 days).

  • Not recommended for use with live plants.
  • For containerized ponds only.
  • Pond block is limited for use in backyard/homeowner ponds and water fountains (maximum 3,000 gallons).
  • Do not use fish from treated ponds or fountains for food or feed.
  • Pond Block helps clear cloudy water and removes algae from ornamental pond/fountain water.

Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

EPA#: 708485:33034-1; CA: 33034-1-ZA

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