LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack
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Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack
Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack


Enjoy the space saving convenience of Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack. Featuring a total of 39 frag spaces, each "leaf" provides 13 holes, maximizing your fragging space with a sophisticated and modern design. The plugs are easily accessible for removing and placement, so you can customize the Lily to meet your exact preference.

Designed to offer unlimited placement options, the LOTUS Mag attaches to aquarium glass/acrylic (up to ½” thickness) with powerful ABS plastic coated magnets. To maximize convenience, the LOTUS Mag can be positioned vertically along aquarium walls or horizontally for top braced aquariums. Vertical placement of the LOTUS allows for corals to easily be moved up and down aquarium walls for desired lighting and water current needs. This space saving option is ideal for heavily stocked systems where floor and rock space is limited. Horizontal placement of the LOTUS is ideal for top braced tanks that have glass or acrylic supports running across the width or length. The LOTUS Mag can be assembled with Lily Leaves hanging down below the water line. This allows for use of available top bracing spaces and is the best option for corals that need maximum light intensity and exposure.

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