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Neptune Systems Apex Base Unit
Neptune Systems Apex Base Unit

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*Expandable electronic aquarium water parameter monitor and controller from Neptune Systems
*Manages the full operation of aquarium equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.)
*Monitors key aquarium parameters, takes corrective actions, and alerts you via your smart phone when things go off track

The Neptune System Apex Base Unit is basically the brains of your entire Apex System. The Apex Base Unit (ABU) is far different than from what any other controller at this price level is offering. The ABU is basically a small computer, with a 32-bit microprocessor and built-in web server, whose only job is take care of your aquarium.

The web server makes it possible for you to configure and operate your Apex from any network-connected computer or mobile device – no software to install on a PC. It is also Mac compatible!

The Apex runs at many times the speed of other controllers in its class due to its advanced processor technology (most others use 8 or 16 bit microcontrollers) and its specific use (rather than general purpose) architecture. It also has enough memory on board to store many month’s worth of complete tank data in non-volatile RAM. Even with a power outage, your tank history and all configurations are safe.

The Apex Base Unit is internet-ready straight out of the box. Just plug it into your router and you are good to go – no software to install! This means that you can control your tank from any computer (or mobile device) in the house.

At a Glance:

  • 32-bit microprocessor
  • Built-in web serve
  • Allows user to configure and operate their Apex from any internet connection
  • Mac compatible
  • Runs at 10x the speed of other controllers on the market
  • Advanced technology stores many months' worth of tank data
  • Non-volatile RAM form ensures complete safety of data
  • Internet-ready
  • No software to install
  • No need for a connection to a computer
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time
  • High grade materials to promise longevity and robustness
  • Configured to receive emails and message altering of any abnormal conditions within the tank

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