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Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Replacement Parts
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Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Replacement Parts

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*LED upgrade boosts energy efficiency of this designer aquarium
*7600K high-luminosity LED's are suitable for live aquarium plants
*Stylish glass aquarium includes LED lighting and 3-stage filtration for set up ease

Energy-efficient LEDs brilliantly illuminate these stylish designer aquariums. Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Kits elevate the popular Edge aquarium to new heights with the benefits of Light Emitting Diodes. Enjoy powerful illumination, energy savings and minimal heat emission. 7600K high-luminosity LED lighting system is suitable for live aquatic plants and creates the same beautiful "shimmer" produced by high-intensity light fixtures. 3-position On/Off switch lets you select between bright daytime, deep blue nighttime and OFF positions for day and night LED lighting you control with a flip of a switch!

The Fluval Edge Aquarium features elegant architectural lines that showcase beautiful aquarium fish. The clean, clutter-free presentation is further preserved by a lighting and filtration system that remains out of sight beneath a removable cover. Sealed-topped design imparts the chic look of an open top aquarium while preventing excess evaporation. A large opening for feeding or water changes is cleverly concealed by a removable cover with ventilation grill. 100 gph, 3-stage power filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to ensure a healthy aquarium environment. Floating base design occupies a very small footprint for a breathtaking cantilevered look. Available in White or Black.

Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit includes LED lighting system, filter and filter media, a 30 ml bottle of Nutrafin AquaPlus tap water conditioner and a 30 ml bottle of Cycle biological aquarium conditioner for convenient set up. Fluval Edge Accessories sold separately.

6-Gallon Fluval Edge
Filtration: 100 gph 3-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.
Lighting: 21 LED lighting system (7600K high-luminosity LEDs with 18 White LEDS and 3 Blue LEDs).
Capacity: 6 gallons.
Dimensions: Total dimension measures 16.875" x 10.25" x 14.5" high. The Fluval Edge aquarium measures 16.875" x 10.25" x 8.75" high.

Fluval Edge Filter Instructions
Prepare the Filter Inserts - Note: All inserts must be rinsed thoroughly prior to installation.

  • Fluval Edge Foam Filter Insert: Rinse Foam Filter Insert and place into filter basket first. The foam block should totally fill the bottom of the basket, leaving no space between the filter basket base and sides. Note: Replace Foam Filter Insert every two months.
  • Fluval Edge Activated Carbon Filter Inserts: Remove Activated Carbon Insert from protective plastic bag and rinse pouch to remove any carbon dust particles. Do not remove carbon from porous bag. Flatten insert and place horizontally on top of Foam Filter Insert. Note: Replace Activated Carbon Insert every month.
  • Fluval Edge BIOMAX Filter Insert: Remove insert from protective plastic bag and thoroughly rinse insert material before placing on third level of the basket. Do not remove BIOMAX from mesh bag. Replace BIOMAX insert every two to three months. Note: Regular replacement of Fluval Edge filter inserts is essential for optimum filter performance.
  • Filter Inserts Maintenance: Fluval Edge Foam, Activated Carbon and BIOMAX inserts should be changed alternately in order to maintain continuous biological activity. Follow individual packaging instructions for recommended replacement intervals. Never replace all filter inserts in Fluval Edge power filter at the same time.
Install Filter Inserts after preparing filter inserts as indicated, place the filter basket into the filter case. Gentle pressure may be necessary to ease filter basket into position due to the snug fitting Foam Filter Insert.

Attach Intake "U" Tube

  • Install intake "U" Tube and apply gentle pressure to click into position.
  • Additional slight pressure is then applied to ensure the base of the tube "clicks" into the opening over the impeller cover.
  • Attach extension tube on aquarium side of intake.
Attach Secondary Leveling Device
The power filter must be level to ensure optimal performance. Insert secondary leveling device into the bottom of the filter case if primary one has been damaged.

Power Filter Start Up

  • Once mounted at the rear of the Edge aquarium, fill power filter case completely with water and replace cover.
  • Adjust water flow control lever on intake "U" tube the maximum position for initial start up.
  • Plug power cord into electrical outlet. Allow 30-45 seconds for priming (air to be expelled from "U" tube).
  • After priming has been completed, move adjustment control on intake "U" tube to adjust water flow rate as required.
  • Important: Do not operate filter without water. For maximum filter operation and efficiency, regular cleaning of the filter and its parts is recommended every two weeks. Soap and detergents are not recommended for filter maintenance.
Power Filter Maintenance
Always unplug the Fluval Power Filter prior to cleaning. Remove cover, filter basket, and discard water remaining in the filter case. Thoroughly rinse collected debris from the case, impeller cover and impeller assembly in clean lukewarm water. The intake "U" tube and extension tube can be cleaned with a brush to remove any buildup of deposits. When all parts have been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, reassemble filter and replace onto aquarium.

Every three months, the motor should be thoroughly cleaned. Remove cover, filter basket and discard water remaining in the filter case. Remove motor by twisting a quarter turn gently in the direction of the arrow on front. Ease motor down slowly to prevent damage to the filter and motor guide. Pull impeller out of impeller well and rinse to remove accumulated slime deposit.

A cotton swab or impeller well brush (sold separately #120412) can be used to remove more stubborn deposits. Wet motor seal ring to prevent damage before placing into filter case.

Nutrafin Cycle
Nutrafin Cycle is a highly responsive, concentrated biological water conditioner. After almost twenty years of research and testing, Cycle is again setting new standards in biotechnology delivering powerful fast acting results that provide your fish with invaluable protection against toxic ammonia and nitrite.

  • Reduces Fish Loss
  • Rapidly Establishes New Aquariums
  • Prevents Toxic Biological Conditions
  • Highly Concentrated Responsive Formula
Nutrafin AquaPlus
Nutrafin Aqua Plus is a comprehensive tap water conditioner that delivers a number of essential benefits for fish. Aqua Plus instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals while also providing protection for sensitive fish mucous membranes. Aqua Plus is the only tap water conditioner that features P.H.E., a patented compound, proven to reduce stress. This is a highly beneficial characteristic during aquarium maintenance procedures, fish transport, etc.
  • Removes Chlorine and Chloramine
  • Neutralizes Heavy Metals
  • Protects and Heals
  • Patented Stress-Reducing Formula
Fluval Edge Replacement Carbon
This premium grade carbon possesses superior adsorption qualities to eliminate toxic impurities, odors and discolorations. For a healthy and clean environment, replace carbon sachet regularly (every two to four weeks).

Remove protective plastic bag and rinse the carbon sachet thoroughly before use. Place carbon sachet in middle section of filter insert basket. To maintain water quality, it is important to replace carbon sachet every two to four weeks. To ensure a continuous presence of beneficial bacteria, never replace carbon sachet at the same time as the foam or BIOMAX insert.

Fluval Edge Pre-filter Sponge
Pre-filter Sponge measures 1" diameter x 2-3/4".


  • Connects to power filter intake
  • Traps fine debris
  • Prevents small or baby inhabitants from being drawn into the filter.
Fluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal Kit
Fluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal Kit includes one Foam Filter Insert and one BIOMAX Filter insert.

Foam Filter Insert
Traps particles and debris from the aquarium for a healthy and clean environment.

Rinse Foam Filter Insert thoroughly before use and insert it into the bottom section of the filter insert basket. The Foam Filter Insert should be rinsed monthly using water from the aquarium and replaced every two to three months.

BIOMAX Filter Insert
Provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria and enhances the reduction of fish waste, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment.

Remove protective plastic bag and rinse BIOMAX thoroughly before use. Place BIOMAX in the top sections of the filter insert basket. BIOMAX pores become clogged over time and should be replaced every two to three months.

Note: To ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria, never replace both Foam Filter Insert and BIOMAX Filter Insert at the same time.

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