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Coralife BioCube Mini UV Sterilizer
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Coralife BioCube Mini UV Sterilizer

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*Upgraded compact UV sterilizer for improved aquarium water quality
*Kills free-floating green water algae, parasites and harmful bacteria
*Universal adapter allows sterilizer use with BioCube and other nano aquariums

Enhance water quality in Coralife BioCube Aquarium Systems and other small aquariums. The Coralife BioCube Mini UV Sterilizer is now the UV-upgrade for BioCube Aquarium Systems 14, 29 and HQI and more. Included universal adapter increases installation options for versatile application. Miniature sterilizer improves aquarium water quality with cleansing UVC light that kills free-floating green water algae, parasites and harmful bacteria.

5W Coralife Mini UV Sterilizer with low-voltage ballast attaches directly to the BioCube pump for easy setup and use. For submerged internal aquarium use with 1/2" ID tubing and submersible pumps with a flow rate no greater than 300 gph.

Replace 5W UV lamp every 10-12 months to maintain optimal UV function. Replacement 5W UV Lamp sold separately.

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Setup Instructions in BioCube Aquarium Systems
Unplug BioCube return pump. Remove BioCube pump, tubing, and filter wall connector from filter.

  • Use included tubing to connect bottom of mini ultraviolet sterilizer to pump.
  • Place pump and mini ultraviolet sterilizer back into BioCube.
  • Connect top of Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer to BioCube filter wall outlet.
  • Top of Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer takes the place of the filter wall connector.
  • Plug in pump and Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer.

Note date of installation. Bulb unit should be replaced every 10-12 months to maintain function.

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