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Innovative Marine NUVO Concept™ Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium
Innovative Marine NUVO Concept™ Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium
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*Two-tier, 20-gallon, glass aquarium elevates your aquascaping experience
*Ultra-modern aquarium style enhances any setting
*Extra aquascaping space lets you bring your aquarium dream to life
*A host of hobby-friendly features includes low-iron glass, hidden equipment, and much more

The NUVO Concept Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium pushes the boundaries of aquascaping, elevating the hobbyist experience and allowing you to easily create a captivating aquarium in virtually any setting. Designed to give you two distinct aquascaping tiers/zones, the NUVO Concept Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium offers ultra-modern style and extra aquascaping space that lets you bring your aquarium dream to life. Let your imagination run free as you design and construct an aquascape unlike any you've created before.

The 20-gallon, rimless Innovation Marine NUVO Concept Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium enhances any setting and includes a host of hobby-friendly features:

  • 6mm low-iron glass walls
  • Pre-installed rubber leveling mat
  • Filter wall with built-in overflow
  • One 211-GPH, 11W, 110v/60Hz return pump
  • Flexible hose and return elbow with one directional flow nozzles
  • One removable 200-micron filter socks for mechanical filtration
  • Dedicated column for your selected protein skimmer or media reactor
  • Pearl white aluminum pedestal

The Innovative Marine NUVO Concept Drop-Off Peninsula Aquarium measures 20" x 15" x 17" high.

Finding a Location

  • Find a location that can handle the weight of your NUVO Concept Aquarium
  • Do not install or store the aquarium where it will be exposed to the weather or to temperatures below freezing
  • Do not place aquarium in direct sunlight or near heater vents
  • We recommend ambient room temperature around 777deg; F
  • Place aquarium 5"-6" away from the wall to allow access to the back if needed
  • Make sure surrounding appliances are waterproof and move anything that might be damaged by salt creep
Leak Testing and Filling Your Nuvo Aquarium
  • Find a good location in which to test your aquarium.
  • Your location should be level, flat, and not in a place that can be damaged in the event of a leak; your garage or a covered patio is an ideal spot.
  • Slowly fill your aquarium from the display portion of the tank and let the water naturally enter the overflows.
  • Plug in your pump and continue adding water until your water line reaches about 1" under the last baffle wall in the back of the aquarium.
  • Check every 8 hours over the next 24 hours for leaks. If any leaks have been detected please contact your Authorized Innovative Marine Dealer immediately.
Placing and Leveling Your Nuvo Aquarium
  • Make sure your NUVO Concept is set on a level surface to prevent undue stress on the aquarium tank from stress and leaks.
  • Do not set this aquarium on coffee tables, end tables, TV stands, or night stands unless the structure has been properly tested to withstand the weight limits of the aquarium.
  • Please pay special attention when leveling your aquarium on carpet.
  • Lift from the bottom of the aquarium. DO NOT lift using the aquarium's edges! This will cause stress on the glass and seals and may cause leakage.
  • The back of the aquarium should be flush with your stand and all four corners are not overhanging the edges.
  • Once you have placed your aquarium atop your table or stand, make sure your stand has not moved from its position.
  • Place a level on edge of tank, if necessary readjust and reposition tank and stand.
Maintenance Regular maintenance is necessary to keep successful aquarium. PLEASE NOTE: Unplug pump before water changes or replacing media. Water Changes Perform water changes once every 2-4 weeks depending on the bio-load. A minimum of a 25% water change is essential to keep dissolved organic to a minimum. Replacing Filter Socks Replace filter socks every month or as needed to remove trapped debris and free-floating particulate matter.
  • Lift the Micron Sock out from the Micron Sock Column.
  • Replace with the NUVO Aquarium Micron Sock
PLEASE NOTE: Please rinse filter sock under RO water to remove any dust or debris that might have been collected while stored. First time use of a brand new filter sock may cause increased protein skimming. Please monitor your protein skimmer so overflowing of your collection cup does not happen. Replacing/Cleaning Pump & Pump Impeller In order to maximize the life of your pump, you must perform the proper periodic maintenance at designated intervals. Clean your pump and impellers every 2-4 weeks.
  • Unplug pump from power strip
  • Unplug return elbow(s) out from the return hole on filter wall
  • Raise each return elbow upward and remove pump from filter chamber
  • Disassemble the impeller holder coupling from pump motor
  • Lift out the impeller & shaft from pump motor

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