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Eshopps Overflow Boxes
Eshopps Overflow Boxes
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*Premium overflow boxes for wet/dry aquarium filters
*Effectively transports aquarium water to under cabinet sumps
*Bulkhead fittings allow convenient and secure aquarium plumbing

Quality overflow boxes feature bulkhead fittings for secure and convenient installation. Use these easy-to-install overflow boxes to transport aquarium water to under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. Gravity-feed system eliminates the need for complicated drilling or aquarium modifications.

Includes: U-tube, cylinder (round) foam, nylon screw and wing nuts, and pre-filter box. Nano has 3/4" bulkhead, PF-300 - PF-800 have 1" bulkheads, and PF-1800 has 1-1/2" bulkhead.

Model Dimensions Usage Intake Max Flow
PF-Nano 4" x 2.5" x 8.5" H Up to 20 gallons Single 200 gph
PF-300 6" x 3" x 10" H Up to 75 gallons Single 300 gph
PF-800 8" x 3" x 10" H Up to 125 gallons Single 800 gph
PF-1000 9" x 3" x 10" H Up to 150 gallons Dual 900 gph
PF-1800 12" x 4" x 10" H Up to 300 gallons Single 1,600 gph

NEW Replacement Nylon Screw Set includes (2) Wing Nuts, (2) Threaded Screws, and a Thumb Screw. Replace old or worn nylon screw and wing nuts to ensure secure placement of overflow box.

Directions for Use
Assemble the parts making sure that the water exits from the Intake Box through the U-tube and into the Pre-filter Box.

The siphon is started by first filling the aquarium until water flows into Intake Box. Then carefully fill the Pre-filter Box with a cup or two of water. Suck the air out of the U-tube using clear airline tubing (1 ft) until the U-tube is full of water. This is done by bending the airline and inserting it into the U-tube. Be sure the ends of the U-tube are fully submerged so that no air can enter. You may need to add more water to the boxes as you do this. The siphon is now primed and water will automatically reach an even level in both boxes.

NOTE: No air must be allowed to enter the U-tube if the siphon is to be maintained.

If the level of water in the aquarium increases, it will enter the Intake Box and will then siphon into the Pre-filter Box. The water level in the Pre-filter Box will rise until the water flows into the Exit Tube where it will empty into the sump. The main water pump in the sump will then return the water back into the aquarium and continue this cycle. As with any overflow system, it is critical to maintain constant water levels by means of a top-off system or by regular top offs.

To Install Nano Box Overflow Box (Manufacturers Recommendation)

  • Slide a PVC Pipe into the 3/4" ID opening of the bulkhead.
  • Slip the tubing over the opposite end of the PVC pipe.
  • Glue in place to seal.

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