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Eshopps Wet-Dry Filters
Eshopps Wet-Dry Filters
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* Easy-to-install wet/dry filter for fresh or saltwater aquariums
* Large bio-ball capacity increases aquarium biological filtration
* Includes Eshopps overflow box for convenient filter installation

Compact wet-dry filters fit comfortably in cabinets without sacrificing functional space. Smart, easy-access sump allows convenient installation of return pump. Wet-dry trickle filter provides efficient biological filtration to process toxic ammonia and nitrite. Includes overflow box, bio balls, drip tray and cover, egg crate, filter pad, return nozzle with vinyl tubing, 1" bulkhead, and 3 ft. x 1-1/4" flex hose. The 200CS has dual 1" intakes. Requires appropriately sized return pump. Additional flex hoses available.

Model Dimensions 1"
For Aquariums
WD-200CS 30" x 12" x 16" H Dual 1,000 gph 150-200 gallons

Quick Setup Guide
NOTE: The Eshopps Wet-Dry Filter requires an appropriately sized submersible return pump. The maximum flow rate of the pump must match the maximum flow rate of the overflow box for proper operation.

  • Unpack and visually inspect the product.
  • Install bio-ball media, drip plate, filter pad, and egg crate.
  • Set up Overflow Box onto aquarium.
  • Securely attach provided flexible drain hose to sump drain tube. Repeat this step for the second hose on Models WD-150CS (#32895), WD-200CS (#32896), and WD-300CS (#32897).
  • Place the sump under your aquarium in an aquarium stand.
  • Securely attach the end of the drain hose(s) to the Overflow Box drain fitting. (Repeat this step for the second drain hose on dual intake models.)
  • Install appropriately sized return pumps (sold separately) in the Pump Chamber. Secure provided return line and nozzle onto the return pump. NOTE: DO NOT plug submersible return pump into power source until pump is fully submersed underwater.
  • Start the siphon for the Overflow Box to transport aquarium water to the wet-dry filter.
  • Once the return pump is completely submersed, plug return pump into power source.

Wet/Dry Capacity

Model Sump

Pump Area
Bio Balls
WD-200CS 25 11-1/2" W x 13" L 6

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