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IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System
IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System
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*4-stage reverse osmosis deionization system with electronic controller
*Features leak detection, 3-point TDS readout, timer operation & MORE!
*Produces up to 99% pure water for enhanced aquarium water quality

Enjoy efficient RODI production with the 4-stage reverse osmosis/deionization filter system with a "brain!" IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System features an electronic system controller that fully automates the entire water purification process. Fully automated system efficiently removes up to 99% of tap water impurities to provide aquarium hobbyists the foundation for superior water quality.

The IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System is equipped with a super quiet booster pump which allows the system to run at peak efficiency capable of providing a 3 to 1 waste to product water ratio making it a very Eco-Friendly reverse osmosis unit.

IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System boasts advanced features including programmable timer operation, 3-point TDS readout with filter replacement notification, leak detection with audible alarm, automatic membrane flush, backpressure electronic shut off, bright easy-to-read digital display and MORE!


  • Smart RO/DI System and Smart Controller
  • Rugged metal frame with electrodeposition frame coating for convenient free-standing placement or for space saving wall mounting
  • 75 GPD DOW Filmtec TFC Membrane
  • 1µ Polypropylene Sediment Cartridge
  • 5µ Carbon Block Cartridge
  • Refillable DI Cartridge with high capacity color changing resin
  • Booster Pump (located post pre-filtration for extended pump life)
  • Canister/Membrane Wrench
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • RO Tubing (red, white, blue) x 3m
  • 1/4" Ball Valve x 2
  • 1/4" Drain Saddle
  • Detailed Instructions

Technical Information
Wattage: 45W
All pre-filter canisters use standard 10" cartridges
Standard 1/4" Push-connect fittings
Footprint 14.75" x 9"
Height 17.5"
Weight: 29lbs (with water) Note: PLEASE USE appropriate mounting hardware and mount to a solid surface.

System Requirements:

  • Feed water pressure of 40-100 PSI
  • Optimal source water temperature of 70-77°F
  • 120V Electrical Power Source

Note: It is recommended to have this unit installed by a licensed plumber to adhere to all local codes. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all fittings are tight an all codes are met.

The IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System can simply be assembled and placed on any stable surface or it can be mounted to any secure location using hardware screws (not supplied). Keep in mind that the filter system will gain a substantial amount of weight when it is full of water. For this reason, it is necessary that the filter system be mounted to a strong backing. If needed, additional hardware and plumbing can be found at most hardware or plumbing supply stores.

Getting Started

  1. Connect Water Supply
    Shut off water supply. Attach the WHITE FEED LINE to a cold water supply using the included 3/4" Garden Hose Feed Adapter. If the feed water (faucet or sink) does not have 3/4" garden hose thread, you will need to purchase a Feed Water Adapter, or a Faucet Coupler. Check with your hardware retailer for availability of these and other accessories. NEVER run hot water greater than 100°F through the system. Install the 1/4" Ball Vale inline between the RODI and the feed water source.
  2. Connect Waste Water
    Connect the RED WASTE WATER LINE to the supplied Drain Saddle and attach to sink drain or direct towards drain. This line will produce a good amount of pressure and should be secured and directed into a drain at all times.
  3. Install and Flush Pre-Filters
    To flush pre-filters, place the BLUE PRODUCT WATER LINE into your drain. Remove pre-filter packaging and install in their appropriate filter housing. DO NOT install the TFC Membrane or DI Cartridge at this point. Slowly open the Cold Water Supply Valve and allow the first two Housings to fill. Double-check the system to ensure that all fittings are tight and leak-free before leaving the system unattended.

Plug in the RO/DI Power Supply and allow the Controller to warm up and begin flushing water through the system by running for 15 minutes to flush the Sediment and Carbon-Block Filter Cartridges. Although not commonly done, flushing the pre-filters will help maximize the TFC Membrane life.

Keep in Mind
When flushing new pre-filters, it is recommended that you remove both RO Membrane and DI filter.

TIP: You can set the Controller Timer to run for 15 minutes.

  1. Install and Flush Membrane Unplug RO/DI power and turn off the water supply. Do not install the DI Cartridge at this point and leave the pre-filters in place. Remove the TFC Membrane from the protective bag and install it into the TFC Housing at the top of the RO unit. You will be required to disconnect the tubing to be able to unscrew the cap. Securely seat the TFC Membrane into the Housing. Once the TFC Membrane is seated, screw on the top and reconnect the tubing.

Plug in the RO/DI Power Supply and allow the controller to warm up and begin flushing water through the systems for 30 minutes,

Keep in Mind
Each time the membrane is replaced, it is recommended that you remove the DI and flush the newly installed membrane for a minimum of 30 minutes. Reverse Osmosis Membranes are commonly packed with an antibacterial agent to keep them sterile prior to use. This agent should be flushed for 30 minutes before you can install the DI Cartridge and collect water for use.

TIP: You can set the Controller Timer to run for 15 minutes.

  1. Fill and Install DI Cartridge Filling a DI Cartridge is easy. The most important thing to remember is to tightly pack the DI Resin into the Cartridge. Loosely packed DI Resin will cause the water to channel through the DI Cartridge, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

Unscrew the Top Cap from the DI Cartridge and remove the Foam Ring. Pour in the DI Resin and pack it down tightly, as hard as you can. Tap on a counter to help settle the resin. At this point, the resin should be tightly packed and flush to the rim. Put the Foam Ring back inside the Screw Cap and screw the cap on.

Unplug RODI power and turn off the water supply. Remove the DI Canister on the left and place the newly filled cartridge into the DI Canister. Make sure the cap on the cartridge faces up.

Plug in RODI Power and the RODI is ready to begin making pure water. Just direct the BLUE PRODUCT WATER LINE to your collection source.

General Information
What are the four system stages?

First Stage (Right Pre-filter Canister): 1µ Sediment Pre-Filter
The incoming feed water is passed through a 1µ polypropylene sediment pre-filter. This filter is required to remove colloidal and particulate matters that may clog the TFC membrane. Change when visibly dirty (about 4-8 months).

Second Stage (Center Pre-filter Canister): 5µ Carbon Block Pre-Filter The 5µ carbon block pre-filter removes organics and chlorine from the feed water that can damage the membrane. Change at the same time as the Sediment Pre-Filter (about 4-8 months).

Third Stage (Top Membrane Canister): TFC Membrane
The 75 GPD DOW Filmtec high rejection thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane removes over 98% of most inorganic salts, heavy metals, bacteria and almost all high molecular weight organics from the tap water. Change every 2-3 years or when TDS reading is above 30-40 µs.

Fourth Stage (Left Pre-filter Canister): Deionization Cartridge
As water passes through the Deionization Cartridge, ion exchange resins attract and absorb ionic contaminants (cation resins absorb positively charged ions, and anion resins absorb negatively charged ions). Deionization Cartridge reduces silica, nitrates and phosphate levels in the low ppb range. It is an excellent system for removing dissolved solids and gases. Change DI resin or cartridge when DI Out TDS reads 5ppm or higher. You will notice a dramatic rise in the TDS level once the resin is exhausted.

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