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Calibration Solutions
Calibration Solutions
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* Easy-to-use laboratory-grade calibration solutions for electronic testing instruments
* Clean, calibrate, or store precision electronic testing equipment
* Establish standardized reference points to help maintain accurate reading

Take proper care of your precision electronic testing equipment with these easy-to-use laboratory-grade solutions. Clean, calibrate, or store precision electronic testing equipment to ensure lasting use. All Hanna® solutions are produced against instruments calibrated by NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) Standard reference material for the most consistent and accurate test results. Use Calibration Solutions to establish standardized reference points, Storage Solutions to store your probe and the Rinse Solution for daily or weekly probe maintenance. pH Buffer Solutions are packaged in 230-ml leak-proof bottles. Storage Solutions are packaged in 220-ml leak-proof bottles. Rinse Solutions are packaged in 20-ml packets. Recommended for lab applications. RedoxSol-450 redox electrode test solution are available in 2.7 fl oz bottles.

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of buffer and maintenance solutions. With Hanna® solutions, this is no longer a problem. All Hanna solutions are produced against instruments calibrated by high purity NIST Standard reference material. Due to the sheer volume of solutions produced, the quantity of chemicals used provides a much better resolution than if small volumes were prepared by a laboratory technician.

At Hanna, buffers are prepared with analytical grade chemicals under the stringent ISO 9002 regulations in a clean laboratory environment and using high-tech reference material. pH buffers are certified to ±0.01 accuracy at 25°C and carry individual expiration dates. Solutions are supplied in FDA-approved amber bottles, which are impervious to direct light. Last, but not least, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know that Hanna solutions often cost less than "freshly" prepared buffers.

pH 4.01
Hanna's Buffer solutions are made from established formulas and are standardized with a pH meter that is calibrated to NBS/NIST primary standard buffer solutions. Now the pH 4 buffers carry lot #, expiration date, as well as a pH/°C chart on every bottle.

The ingredients of Hanna pH 4 buffers are Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate.

They are standardized using a pH meter calibrated by primary standard buffer solutions (NIST 186 Ie, NIST 186 IIe and NIST 185g S.R.M.). The pH value is certified traceable to NIST 185g S.R.M.

pH 7.01
Wide Range pH 7 is the most frequently used pH buffer. All Hanna solution bottles come with a pH Vs. Temperature chart together with the production lot # and expiration date to guarantee maximum accuracy.

Hanna pH buffers are made of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate and Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate.

They are standardized with a pH meter that is calibrated to NIST primary standard buffer solutions (NIST 186 Ie & 186 IIe and NIST 158g S.R.M.).

pH 10.01
All Hanna solution bottles come with a pH Vs. Temperature chart together with the production lot # and expiration date to guarantee maximum accuracy.

Hanna pH 10 ingredients are carefully weighted with the highest quality Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate.

They are standardized with a pH meter that is calibrated to NBS/NIST primary standard buffer solutions and the pH value is traceable to NIST 191a and NIST 192a S.R.M.

Each solution is prepared using high grade Potassium Chloride standardized with a meter pre-calibrated with NIST 999 KCL and conforming to NIST 2201 Silver Nitrate solution. NIST Traceability

Conductivity Solutions
Unlike some parameters such as temperature, where expensive baths and electrical current are a must before you can re-adjust your meter, conductivity allows you to have your meter easily calibrated in the lab or field in seconds.

The conductivity solutions are made of high quality Potassium Chloride with different strengths.

The solutions are standardized with a conductivity meter, calibrated by high purity NIST 999 Potassium Chloride in de-ionized water. The concentration is also confirmed by NIST 2201 Standardized Silver Nitrate solution. Each label contains conductivity Vs. Temperature chart. Each bottle carries a label showing lot #, and expiration date.

De-ionized Rinse Solution
Clean the liquid junction of your electrodes once a day or at least once a week to prevent clogging and to maintain accuracy.

Storage Solution
Hanna storage solutions are prepared with high grade Potassium Chloride and Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate by titration with NIST 2201 standardized Silver Nitrate and NIST 84j standardized Sodium Hydroxide Solution, respectively.

Red Sea RedoxSol-450 and ElectroClean

Electrode Care RedoxSol-450 Redox electrode test solution
Standard solution for Platinum Ag/AgCl redox electrodes

General Information
The buildup of organic and inorganic materials on electrodes results in incorrect readings. The accuracy of redox electrodes deteriorates over time and has a limited useful life of one to two years. To avoid incorrect readings, redox electrodes should be cleaned and tested in a standard solution regularly. RedoxSol-450 is a standard solution suitable for the Reagecon type platinum combination electrode.


  1. Clean electrode using Red Sea's ElectroClean (#160151).
  2. Connect electrode to Redox meter.
  3. Place the cleaned electrode in the RedoxSol-450 bottle.
  4. Wait for five minutes or until reading has stabilized.
  5. Wash electrode with tap water before returning to aquarium.
  6. Use weekly to ensure accurate ORP readings.

Interpretation of results
Redox Reading Recommendations
430-475 mV Electrode and meter are OK
Clean your electrode and test again.
Lower than 400
or Higher than 500
Replace electrode.

Electrode Care ElectroClean
Electrode Cleaning Solution for pH and redox electrodes used in aquariums.

General Information
Electrodes used in biological system will gradually become coated with a thin film of organic material, protein, bacteria and algae. In a reef aquarium, calcium carbonate may also be deposited. Buildup of such materials on an electrode will result in incorrect readings. Red Sea's electrode cleaner quickly and effectively removes any deposits.


  1. Remove any algae or other visible material with a tissue or soft brush and flush with tap water.
  2. Place electrode in the bottle and soak for one hour.
  3. Flush the electrode with tap water, taking care not to touch the electrode tip.
  4. Reinstall electrode in aquarium. Allow a period of up to three hours to obtain a stable reading.
  5. Use weekly to ensure accurate electrode readings.

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