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Frozen Food

Shop the LiveAquaria® Frozen Food category and find a varied selection of nutritious high-quality frozen foods great for freshwater or saltwater aquarium fish and corals. Entice finicky aquarium inhabitants with the irresistible flavor and nutrition of frozen fish foods available at LiveAquaria®.

Frozen Foods trigger an instinctive feeding response and are eagerly devoured by even the finickiest fish. Frozen foods range from meaty foods such as shrimp or squid to such vegetable fares as spirulina and seaweed. Offer frozen foods as a healthy staple diet or as a delicacy to supplement or to add nutritional variety. In addition, you might notice purchasing frozen fish foods may be easier on your pocketbook. Because it is frozen, it has a longer shelf life and is often available in bulk at a significant cost savings to you.

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