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Pond Water Pumps

Knowing how to select the correct pond pump is essential whether you need to power a waterfall or simply circulate water through your filter. When choosing a pump for filtration, your pond size and type will influence how much power/flow rate, as indicated by the gph (gallons per hour) rating of the pump, you will require.

As a general rule, circulate pond water a minimum of once every hour. For ponds with koi and other pond fish recirculate the entire pond water volume at least twice an hour to achieve and maintain ideal pond water parameters and water quality.

A reliable and long-lasting pond pump is essential for driving pond filtration and water movement fundamental to the health of koi, goldfish, and other pond fish. Shop LiveAquaria® for quality, brand name external and internal (submersible) pond pumps to run water fountains, waterfalls or filtration devices.

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