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Home > Aquarium Supplies > Salt > Salt Mixes > Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums
Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums (LiveAquaria® Approved)
Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums

* Aquarium salt mix preconditioned with AmQuel water purifier
* Produce quality seawater for aquariums using RO or tap water
* Enjoy instant ammonia detoxification with each aquarium water change

Produce safe quality seawater for marine fish or coral reef aquariums using ordinary tap water! Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums features an innovative patent-pending formulation preconditioned with AmQuel water purifier. Complete formula neutralizes and detoxifies chlorine, chloramine, and residual ammonia commonly found in tap water. PLUS with every water change using prepared Coral Sea seawater, your aquarium will have the benefit of instant ammonia detoxification!

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums is a premium grade marine salt blend that contains all the vital trace minerals and ingredients to duplicate natural ocean water. Includes essential buffers for stable pH and enhanced calcium and related ions to benefit reef systems. Dissolves quickly, and completely resulting in crystal-clear seawater.

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix is formulated with an understanding of the needs of modern marine aquarist so even sophisticated reef aquariums, marine fish breeding aquariums, and coral propagating aquariums will thrive.

50-gallon salt mix contains two 25-gallon bags for convenient use.

Typical Analysis
(in ppm) of Coral Sea brand sea water at Natural Ocean Water Salinity (35 parts per thousand)
Ion Coral Sea* Natural Seawater
Cl (Chloride) 19,380 19,400
Na (Sodium) 10,614 10,800
SO4 (Sulfate) 2,619 2,700
Mg (Magnesium) 1,353 1,290
Ca (Calcium) 445 411
K (Potassium) 389 392
HCO3 (Bicarbonate) 193 140
Sr (Strontium) 8.0 8.1 min

*Alkalinity = 3.5 meg/l

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums includes enhanced levels of important trace element and other micronutrients including:

  • Fe (Iron)
  • Zn (Zinc)
  • Ni (Nickel)
  • F (Fluorine)
  • Mn (Manganese)
  • Co (Cobalt)
  • Se (Selenium)
  • Mo (Molybdenum)
  • V (Vanadium)
  • Ba (Barium)
  • Vitamins and other proprietary components

Directions for Use

  1. In a clean container, add Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix and the appropriate amount of water. Use the full package or less. Coral Sea salt mix is prepared using the most modern processing and blending technology, so you can mix small quantities with confidence. (One cup prepares approximately 2 gallons of seawater.)
  2. Mix thoroughly. Circulate water with a pump or by aeration until dissolution is complete. It is always useful to aerate solution, thoroughly, before use to assure complete oxygenation.
  3. Measure salinity with an accurate hydrometer, and adjust, if necessary, to your desired range. Add small amounts of additional salt to increase salinity. Add more water to decrease salinity. Specific Gravity in the range of 1.020 to 1.025 is acceptable for most marine aquariums.
  4. To maintain ideal water conditions, regular, partial water changes are recommended. Each 2-4 weeks, remove 20%-25% of aquarium water, and replace with new, unused Coral Sea seawater.


Do not mix salt in an aquarium that already contains animals.


Contact in dry form may cause skin or eye irritation. In case of contact, completely flush the skin or eye(s) with clean, fresh cool water and seek medical advice or attention.

Store in a cool, dry place; re-seal contents between uses.

Benefits & Purposes

Coral Sea Complete salt mix has been formulated with an understanding of the needs of modern marine aquarists.
Even sophisticated reef aquariums, marine fish breeding aquariums, and coral propagating aquariums will thrive.

  1. Containing "Amquel in the Mix" means that Coral Sea salt does indeed contain Kordon's AmQuel. With this unique formula, (Patent Pending) Coral Sea is the only salt that neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and then removes the ammonia that results from the efficient chloramine neutralization.
  2. Coral Sea contains important trace elements and other micronutrients to provide an optimal environment for even the most delicate of marine organisms.
  3. Coral Sea contains an increased level of Calcium (compared to natural seawater) to promote growth of corals.
  4. Rigorous selection of chemical raw materials, according to strict manufacturing standards, provides a salt with superior solubility. Coral Sea salt dissolves quickly to produce clear solutions without cloudiness or residue.
  5. Coral Sea salt is produced in the most modern salt manufacturing facility, where every step of production is precisely controlled. This results in a product that is characterized by these important qualities:
    1. Uniformity - The composition does not vary throughout each package - top, middle, and bottom are all the same.
    2. Consistency - The composition does not vary from package to package. Every package is the same today, next week, next month and beyond.
  6. Modern, high-impact packaging designed in response to the most common criticisms of traditional packaging. No loose bags that tear and spill salt in shop or warehouse. No heavy buckets that are difficult to handle and transport, especially from shop to home.
  7. Produced and developed by Kordon, a company with more than 50 years experience in aquatic science, serving home and institutional aquarists. Our Novaqua and Amquel were the first products of their kind, and have become standards of the industry. Coral Sea salt will become a new standard for the marine aquarium.
Product Notes:
· We cannot ship this product to Alaska.

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