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Home > Aquarium Supplies > Salt > Salt Mixes > Aquaforest® Probiotic Reef Salt
Aquaforest® Probiotic Reef Salt (LiveAquaria® Approved)
Aquaforest® Probiotic Reef Salt

* Marine aquarium salt mix with probiotic bacteria for cultured corals
* Supports coral growth & color plus nitrate & phosphate reduction
* Premium synthetic salt mix made under strict laboratory conditions

Premium blend synthetic salt mix creates optimal conditions for keeping even the most demanding reef aquarium. Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt helps create best conditions for cultured corals with added micro- and macronutrient that supports coral growth and pigmentation. Probiotic bacteria contained in the salt reduce nitrates and phosphates and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the marine aquarium.

Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt is ideal for use with reef aquariums housing soft corals, LPS corals, SPS corals, non-photosynthetic corals and clams as well as fish-only saltwater marine aquariums. 10 kg/22 lbs dry salt mix produces approximately 70 to 80 gallons of prepared saltwater at 1.024 specific gravity.

Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt is based on the purest components created in strict laboratory conditions to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding marine organisms. Trace mineral composition of microelements perfectly recreates natural sea water to help maintain a stable and natural marine environment. Each batch is carefully tested to meet very high standards - constant composition guaranteed. Phosphate and nitrate free.

Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt Parameters at 75°F
Cl: 19,000-19,500 mg/l
Na: 10,500-10,600 mg/l
Mg: 1,300-1,380 mg/l
S: 840-890 mg/l
Ca: 410-440 mg/l
K: 380-400 mg/l
Br: 60-70 mg/l
F: 1.2-1.5 mg/l
Fe: 0.05-0.06 mg/l
Sr: 8-9 mg/l
dKH: 7.2-8.0
pH: 7.8-8.2

Instructions for use
Dissolve the salt in previously prepared demineralized water. Water temperature should be about 24°C (75°F). For salinity 33 ppt dissolve 3.80 kg (8.4 lbs) of salt in 100 liters (27 US gallons) of water. Stir the solution vigorously for about 15 minutes. When the salt is fully dissolved and the solution clear, the freshly prepared marine water is ready to use. Aquaforest recommends maintaining salinity between 33 to 35 ppt.

Upon filling new marine tanks it is recommended to let animals in not earlier than after 10-14 days.

In order to maintain constant water parameters, it is recommended to use salt that has the most similar parameters to those of the natural environment. Aquaforest recommends water changes every 7 days in the amount of approximately 5-10% of the aquarium water volume. The use of RODI water in salt mix preparation is recommended.

Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt contains bromides that are found in natural marine water, so it is not recommended for use in ozone-supported filtration systems (in such systems, use Aquaforest Reef Salt instead). Due to the content of probiotic bacteria, the dKH value should be maintained at 6.5-8.0. Higher values may have a negative effect on the growth of SPS corals.

Keep the salt in a dry and dark place. Once dissolved, use the salt within 5 days. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human consumption.

General Information
Aquaforest Vision:
"For people all around the world finally a worry free, affordable and beautiful marine aquarium."

Aquaforest Mission:
"To make all marine aquariums healthy, thriving and their owners feel proud."

Aquaforest was established in 1995. Initially they manufactured substrates and aquatic plants fertilizers for zoos, Aquariums and professional plant farms.

A couple of years after the launch Aquaforest started their own aquatic plants, fish and coral farms. As the Aquaforest cultures grew, they realized that to expand further they needed their own sea salt, foods and supplements, as no supplier could match their requirements for high quality products.

And so their quest to create top-notch products for marine aquariums began. Aquaforest started to invest heavily in research to create unique products. The results were so good and the products that they created worked so well, Aquaforest decided they could no longer keep it to themselves. Aquaforest began to market them.

At the beginning of 2011 Aquaforest started the production of Aquaforest products for retail customers. The entire range soon gained significant attention from shops and marine aquarists.

Produced By People With Passion
The founders of Aquaforest share the passion for beautiful corals and aquariums and they want to share this passion with their customers. Aquaforest knows the ins and outs of marine aquariums, as they breed many interesting marine species and have their own coral farms. Aquaforest wants to provide the knowledge and the best quality products to all aquarists - beginners and advanced hobbyists - so they can create and enjoy their beautiful reef aquariums.

What Makes Aquaforest Products Special?
After years of research and tests Aquaforest came up with the most efficient product formulas and developed the unique Aquaforest Probiotic Method. As a result Aquaforest are one of few who can offer products that allow harvesting even the most demanding coral species. What's more, all Aquaforest products are manufactured in the EU from carefully selected components and under strict laboratory supervision, so they meet the highest possible standards.

Product Notes:
· We cannot ship this product to Alaska.

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