An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What You Can Do

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

By Kevin Kohen, Director of
An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What You Can Do An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What You Can Do
On a personal level, you want healthy quality fish to appreciate in your home aquarium and on a global level, you want to make certain we are able to preserve and pass down the legacy and beauty of the oceans and its inhabitants that first attracted us to the hobby.

What you can do to ensure healthy quality fish while protecting our reefs

  • Global level - At this time there is hope for change in order to protect our precious reefs in the Philippines and Indonesia. Organizations such as MASNA (Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, MAC (Marine Aquarium Council), Reef Check, IMA (International Marinelife Alliance), WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and CORAL (Coral Reef Alliance) are just a few of the key groups that are providing resources and plans of action in order to promote change in these countries.

A great number of hobbyists, marine life dealers, and private individuals are also involved in initiating rapid change in the Philippines and Indonesia by organizing and accepting donations for the purchase and supply of netting material for distribution to Philippine and Indonesain collectors.

Spend some time looking into these organizations and contact them for more information regarding how you can contribute to these organizations. All of us that care about our coral reefs and enjoy this rewarding hobby must work together in order to help initiate and promote change. An Inside Look at the Marine Fish Industry: What You Can Do

  • Personal level - Proper planning and education are the most important factors when deciding which species of fish are ideal for your aquarium and skill level. Researching species husbandry and care requirements, as well as understanding how the fish made its way to the home aquarium are of the utmost importance to achieve a stress-free and harmonious aquarium for many years to come. While there are vast amounts of information regarding husbandry and care requirements, a factor that is not understood by most hobbyists is where fish come from and the manner in which they made it to your aquarium.

Research where and how your marine fish were collected before they arrived at your home aquarium. It may seem like a daunting task, with so many species and so much information. However, the extra effort is well-worth knowing you have made a sound choice and the thriving marine environment achieved in your home serves as a model for others and a reminder of your efforts.

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Kevin Kohen

Kevin Kohen
Kevin Kohen is the Director of and designed the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility, and oversaw the installation of this state-of-the-art facility. Kevin oversees the operations of the facility and is actively involved in the husbandry and propagation of all of the aquatic life.